Reminder Why I Gave Up Social Media today…

Publishing a week late because I have THE issues.

My fast is social media this Lent. I don’t count blogging because I’m pretty sure nobody is reading this anyway.

Sunday’s are controversial in Lent as to whether we are allowed to “feast” on these days because they are always, in fact, feast days.

Jeff, my husband, in case you’ve forgotten, asked me to check something on Facebook today because it was Sunday and so I did. And went to check a couple of groups to see if there were any pressing things I needed to know. Yeah, I’m gonna tell you right now that I’m gonna take the “ignorance is bliss” route going forward with these groups.

We’re talking instant blood pressure raising, stomach clenching stuff. I’m tempted to say I will give up social media forever but know that that’s both unrealistic and extreme. I’m just glad I didn’t look at my feed. But for the remainder of Lent I will continue to do as Depeche Mode advised and enjoy the silence.

In the case anyone is out there, how is your Lent going?

One thought on “Reminder Why I Gave Up Social Media today…

  1. Ha! Facebook *is* ugly these days. I have a friend and his wife who deleted their accounts during the 2016 election. I use FB for professional networking…and now, for crusading for moderation, and it is very punishing.

    I also stopped blogging in october (mostly) for the same reason–the feeling that nobody was out there anymore. I mean they were, but it wasn’t worth the time anymore. HOWEVER. I am working on a magazine story on responsible parenthood, and on my hunt for sources I was streaming through the comments on Simcha’s post from 2011 about the Church making a list, and I found your comment and thought–I know her! That is the precise kind of situation I want to talk to someone about! Would you be interested, potentially, in chatting about responsible parenthood with me? Email me– kathleenbasi (at) gmail (dot) com. Sorry for doing this publicly–couldn’t find your email.

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