I’m not “the right kind of Catholic”

In which I pretty much make everyone feel uncomfortable with my inadequacy and prove, once and for all that no one should be following my lead.

I put my faith ahead of my nationality. I espouse traditional values but don’t hate those who don’t. I pray for politicians I didn’t vote for because they are children of God the EXACT SAME AS I AM even when they may not appreciate that. I readily admit that I don’t know how to Catholic perfectly and therefore am not entitled to tell anyone else that my way or any way is best. I leave that kind of stuff that’s out of my pay grade to those in authority in the Church. I listen to contemporary praise and worship music. I married a Protestant. I am the daughter of a cradle Catholic and a convert to Catholicism from Protestantism. I wanted lots of kids but God stopped sending them after our third. I love adoption but I realize it’s not for everyone and our family will not be able to grow in that way. I sometimes struggle with Church teaching even as I am obedient. I’m not great at forgiving nor forgetting. I don’t hate Jesuits. In fact, I’m kind of a St Ignatius of Loyola fangirl. I love social justice as much as doctrine and liturgy. I love a theology heavy homily but I’m just as good with an explanation of the readings. I pick my battles carefully when it comes to what a priest or bishop/Diocese require for sacraments because life is short and I can’t fight every fight. I have opinions and strong feelings but I am careful when they are known. I witness more scandal being caused by people claiming to be righteous and fraternally correcting others (including parish priests, Bishops, and Cardinals) on social media than people actually committing mortal sins. While we’re on the subject, I believe fraternal correction should largely happen in person and between people who actually know each other. At the very least it should mostly be private. I don’t associate with Catholics exclusively, I’ve been known to be friends with Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and even atheists. Oh and I’m a sinner.

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