The calendar says it’s fall but in my neck of the woods, that calendar lies. We’ve had a few brisk days but other than that it’s all 80+ degree temps and 10000% humidity. 

I am almost two months into my new, full time job. I love it and it’s made life better in untold ways. 

With the change of employment, God has worked on my heart and other,  littler changes are starting to happen and larger changes are looming on the horizon. I’m letting God take me where He will and I am learning it is all good places, even if a few look scary from the outside. 

I am busier than ever but still feel calm and quiet. My faith these days looks a bit different in someways from where I sit but it is deeper in ways not visible to most. I’m good with that. It’s not about me and everyone else, it’s about me and God after all. 

This year I lost my grandfather, my husband lost both his parents, my kids lost a pet. It’s been painful and rough. But God held us close and we’ve come through better and stronger in our weakness. 

It doesn’t seem possible that I’m 38 and just finally realizing the simple peace that comes in just sitting in His love. But I am. To quote “Aaron Burr,” I talk less, smile more. I listen and realize how little of that I did in my life to this point. 

God’s love and grace are making me see things in a clearer light. Simple light. And I’m going to do my best to keep walking in this light. 

Today is the feast of St John Paul II and I am encouraged by his words: