So, a week in, how are we doing?

So either Saturday night or Sunday you lit the second candle on the Advent wreath (if you’ve got one because I know life isn’t always perfect). How are we doing? Did we take on too much? Are we still feeling disconnected?

Around here, things are going pretty well. Advent music plays, prayer is the name of the game and fasting is fantastic :).

Seriously though, last week sometime I saw Elizabeth Foss on the Blessed is She instagram story and she said the one measure of her Advent she was paying close attention to was the Advent candles and if they were burned down as this would show how many times they had sat down as a family at the dinner table. So far, by that measure, we’re having a great Advent, despite the fact that I am not at the dinner table most nights of the week (because: work). Jeff and the kids are meeting there, praying grace, enjoying each other and lighting those candles.

I am online shopping for Christmas this year, so, the thing where people say, “Buy ALL the gifts before Advent, ” didn’t happen but that’s totally okay because my kids gave me lists and they were all pretty reasonable requests so I’ve finished or nearly finished everything. (Except Shelby because she is so all over the place, I will have to go into a brick and mortar store for her.) Because of a weird quirk in school system payroll and scheduling, I will have a paycheck before Christmas though so I’m not super stressed about what I haven’t bought yet.

We started our Jesse Tree on the First and Joseph did that entire long reading from Genesis by himself and I was completely impressed with his reading and his and William’s understanding of what was read. We’re a little behind but will catch up tonight. I came down with yet another cold last week so I can’t get too upset that I am a bit sluggish on weekends when I actually can be. Sometimes.

I met with our DFF Sunday to talk how Advent was going and we had a great talk. I felt refreshed and happy leaving. Next Sunday after Mass, the boys and I will attend a new Young Families group at our parish. This is our first time attending and their second meeting. It will focus on St Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe. Since, aside from “Taco Tuesday” we’ve never done much for either feast (for shame!) I am excited the boys will get to learn more about them.

I’m feeling a little guilty because we aren’t doing a big “St Nicholas” day here this year but the boys said they were fine with just their stockings on Christmas and…maybe I’ll surprise them with a small something.

I am behind on the Pray More Retreat and hope to somewhat catch up this week (we’ll see how that goes). I also am behind on my reading (I have started Jesus of Nazareth the Infancy Narratives) but I refuse to beat myself up over that. I knew the additional reading would be a lot but I’m okay with that.

Things are getting to that wonky time of Advent as they do each year and I think it’s a little exaggerated because we have an entire week the 4th week of Advent this year before Christmas. I have ten days left of school, Jeff and the kids have eight. I’ve already spent most of my last paycheck between Christmas presents, bills, and an oil change. I get another check the 20th but that has to last six weeks…this is the time when it feels like everything is taking forever.

Kind of like the last few weeks of pregnancy…hmmmm