The Boys are Home!

Last evening the grandparents returned Joseph and William after having them for five nights and six days.

During the week, the boys attended a day camp put on by the local parks and recreation center called “Spaced Out.” It was run by two local teachers and had about 20 kids participating. The focus was fun and educational, primarily science. The first day the kids went to Wilmington and had a pool day which was mostly getting to know you games etc. Tuesday they traveled to Myrtle Beach to the Wonderworks Science Center at Broadway at the Beach. The boys said they played lots of games and had a blast. Wednesday they went to Ingram Planetarium and the science center in Ocean Isle Beach. Joseph and I went with his first grade class last year when we lived in that county. Thankfully he got a different presentation than last year’s (which included Zula Patrol, blech!). They really enjoyed all the exhibits and shows that day. Thursday they traveled back to Wilmington to Defy Gravity Trampoline park (since gravity is part of space!). Joseph had a blast but William rolled an ankle. Despite that, he mostly enjoyed himself. Friday they had water fun and slip and slides.

My in-laws had their work cut out for them with entertaining during “off-hours.” We did not allow the boys to bring electronics this week :). Monday and Tuesday nights they played Sorry and Trouble, games we don’t have at home. Wednesday, they got Zootopia on Amazon Prime which my kids and in-laws had not seen before. Thursday, opening night, my in-laws braved the crowds and surprised the kids with Finding Dory. Everyone loved both movies. They also did Taco Tuesday for the boys and convinced William to try a soft taco (which he liked!).

I had to work last night but today we let them enjoy electronics because they never once claimed to be bored all week with their grandparents. We also had rented Zootopia (not realizing the grandparents had watched it) but the kids were excited to watch it again.We really missed them this week and the house was crazy quiet. So thankful God allowed them a great visit with their grandparents and a fun first camp experience.