7 Quick or Slow Takes


You guys…this week…


Sunday morning I woke up with the ugly beginnings of a cold. I mean, really? This week of all weeks? It’s the first full week of summer this week AND the boys have been at their grandparents’ going to camp all week. (I get them back tonight, well, Jeff and Shelby do too but mostly ME, I get them back.) We went to early Mass, came home and packed, and then made our way almost 2 hours south to my in-laws. They planned for us to meet them at one of their three community pools. That was all good except they were shocked to find out that the pool would be crowded on a 95 degree weekend day with 100% humidity (we will NOT speak of what my hair looked like). My father-in-law wanted to abandon ship and take us to a different pool (which, no doubt in my mind, would be just as crowded). Jeff’s step-mother, however, had found a couple of chairs and predicted we may have a similar situation. After we finished at the pool, we sent our boys with their grandparents (there was no shortage of tears from William). It turns out the reason we’ve never been to the other pool is that my in-laws felt lie it was too deep with the shallow end being  3 feet and deep end 5 feet. And no wade in. I let them know that that was the exact situation at our community pool (which my kids learned to swim proficiently in–including Shelby–last summer) so in the future, not a deterrent.


This is the boys’ first summer camp experience of any sort. It’s a day camp run by the parks department with the theme “Spaced Out” which included field trips to Wonderworks Kids Science Museum in Myrtle Beach, Ingram Planetarium in Ocean Isle Beach and Defy Gravity trampoline park in Wilmington. Monday was a pool day and Friday a beach day. Exciting week for them so guess what this is the week I’ve given up…


…facebook. Well, my personal facebook. You know, the one with all the “friends?”  (As opposeed to the shell account I keep for my blog page to stay active when I need persnoal breaks.) The one that Jeff’s step-mother would post any pictures to. Last Thursday I deactivated because it was a serious near-occasion-for-sin. And that sin would be primarily wrath but then there was also the spiraling depression and lack of faith that accompanies it after the initial waves of wrath roll in. So I’m on summer vacation too. From facebook. I still instagram and snapchat. And this is vacation so when I’m in a better head and heart-space (which may not be til after this stupid election), I’ll be back. (If you want to read a great post about this spiritual need to scale back, check out Domenico Bettinelli’s post on it from this week. Dom and I are facebook friends and share many mutual facebook friends and came to this conclusion miles apart within hours of each other.)


I gave Dom a shout-out and now I’m going to give my other most-inspiring-blogger of this week one. Jenny Uebbing blogged actually, ahem, a month ago about going grain free and being too connected online and since there’s no personal facebook to chase around (did I mention that I started thinking in status updates? super annoying), I caught up on blog reading. If ever I was convinced the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me something this was it: get off facebook and clean out feedly…there’s good stuff there. Grain free, I’m not going to lie, is going to be a struggle but oddly, not as difficult as being gluten free because if you’re eliminating entire foods (bread, rice, tortillas, pasta…) it’s easier than trying to ensure the alternatives are actually gluten free. No, my whole family isn’t doing it, just me. That’s because my kids don’t eat vegetables. And Jeff won’t give up beer. As for the being off social media, I’m going to focus more on family as the transient nature of our community and the fact that no one living around us is anywhere near the same stage in life (nor really cares to be exposed to our current stage) really has me in a fix as to if irl community can be a thing for me or my family in.this.moment.


It’s taken me over six hours to get to a fifth take..cue unexpected stomach drama that hit hard after brunch. Ugh. A cold was bad enough! I guess I go ahead and get all this over with now vs the week Jeff will be at conference later this summer.


We thought we’d take lots of day trips this week with Shelby. Unfortunately weather and the fact that sod was ready for us to pic up and  apply to the back lawn de-railed that plan. Hoping weather is good tomorrow and we can take the boys with us to one of the places we had planned for this week.


We’re about an hour from the boys’ arrival now. I may be sick, but color this mama happy!

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  1. yes! You won’t regret it. (I’ve cheated with wheat 2 times in 2 months and regretted it hardcore in both instances.) But most of all, high fives for social media detoxification. I miss stuff sometimes, but so far? nothing important. Not a single thing.

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