Why I Love Summer Vacation…part 1

I don’t know if there will be a part 2, but here we go anyway…

Wednesday officially started summer vacation. Even my homeschool mama friends have some form of summer break because, unfortunately, more structured learning cannot be sustained for an infinite period of time without a few breaks here and there.

While I hate the heat and humidity of summer, I really love being out of school during this time of year. And this post aims to start saying why.

  1. I love having my kids home full time

When Shelby and Joseph were babies, I really wanted to homeschool but after Shelby’s diagnosis and the realization that she would need specialization beyond my expertise and then the experimental pre-pre-K homeschool with the boys crashed and burned pretty dramatically 99% because of my lackings…we moved to other options. So, I don’t get my kids to myself all that often. And my kids are freaking awesome.

I really enjoy the summer as a time we get to focus on family in fun seasonal ways like almost daily pool outings and now that we live AT the beach as opposed to merely NEAR the beach as we used to, we’re there two times a week or more.

But even days we don’t go to the pool or beach are fun. If the weather forecast includes rain (SoCal this ain’t) the boys plan movie marathons complete with multiple snack choices and re-enacting favorite scenes. We’ve also had Mario-Kart tournaments. For anyone who is sitting smugly saying, “My kids don’t need electronics!” well, good for you and mine don’t either but they serve their purposes. We also have board game night, field trips, and…

2. Family Vacations

The rule is no electronics on vacation. But we try to jam the days so full anyway there’s not time if you wanted to. We have our annual beach week with my family at Emerald Isle which we’ll be doing a bit differently this year than in years past but will still attend to. We’re also going to upstate NY this year for a weekend to see my grandparents. This will be Jeff and the kids’ first time visiting where my dad grew up and will also will be our first time sleeping in a tent all five of us. I haven’t been in 20 years, so it will be a fun trip for me as well. Traveling with kids can be stressful, but my kids travel well so I’m planning for more fun than hassle.

3. I actually read during summer

Every blogger seems to be doing a summer reading list post. I’m not because frankly there’s enough of that out there already and because I’m really not that well planned out in my thinking. But I tend to have lots of unstructured time that simply is not there during the school year and I like to fill that with books. Thank God we have an awesome library within five minutes of our house.

4. Music

Sounds dumb but last summer was the first time I’d had cable in about 10 years and I found that Adult Swim (what Cartoon Network turns into at 8 pm) has 25 free downloads starting Memorial Day (they release one per week) and I’ll be honest I don’t lurve every single song (there’s more death metal than I would have expected) but I’ve gotten some great tracks there including an amazing Sia remix.

Well, that’s it for part one…stay tuned…