Spring Break is over and all the Mamas said “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!”

This year, our district began Spring Break on Good Friday and it ran the week after Easter. I think Easter Monday kind of felt like the “official start” of Spring Break for our family however.

I had to work Easter Monday, and Tuesday. Monday Jeff spent cleaning while I rushed off my lesson plans for Faith Formation to the sub (I had a sacrament prep parent meeting to attend) before I clocked in at work. Jeff took the kids to Goldsboro to visit his mom and older brother.

Tuesday was more cleaning. But before that William got his glasses! A couple of weeks before Spring Break, William had an eye exam. He has them annually because of an odd optic nerve that may just be his normal but the eye doctors want to keep on top of it in case it starts to change. Last year he was 20/20 but this year he showed signs of “far-sightedness” which means glasses for anything up close (reading, computer work, video games etc). He was so excited and picked out awesome glasses. Now I hope maybe some of his reading will come together more.

William Glasses


That afternoon Jeff took the kids to Wally World while I worked. His mission was to fill in the wardrobe gaps for the boys and get fishing gear. With all three kids, he was somehow successful! (I later found out part of that success was owed to Bob’s Sweet Stripe soft peppermints. Shelby grabbed a huge container and carried them throughout the store.)

Wednesday morning we did a family first. We went fishing.

Jeff and I have fished before but Joseph expressed an interest in trying so we jumped on it. Shelby is not a fisherwoman and I had to remove her because she was scaring all the fish away. This is on the sound-side of N. Topsail Beach. I took Shelby across the street to the beach which she was not happy about when she realized that she was not going to swim in the ocean! Despite it being a windy day, William caught 2 “throw away fish” (too small) and Joseph caught a crab! I can’t wait til they can catch our dinner!

After subs for lunch we all relaxed until it was time for Faith Formation. Now, this is where people start to say, “Wait you had Faith Formation over spring break?” Allow me to explain. Each public school system in NC is allowed to determine their own breaks for Christmas and Spring Break. The county where our parish is had Spring Break during Holy Week. The Catholic School at our parish also took that week off. We live two counties away and our school system had the week after as Spring Break. I could have let the boys stay home but I had a parent meeting and Joseph is getting close to First Communion time, so, off we went.

Thursday morning the weather got cooler but was still sunny so Jeff and the boys went fishing. Shelby and I stayed home and cleaned and vegged. After lunch, Jeff took Joseph to buy his suit for First Communion. We decided that each boy would get his first suit to commemorate the occasion. When we were thinking, we thought a gray suit but as it turned out there were no gray suits anywhere they went. They ended up getting a black suit with pin-stripes, white shirt and silver tie.

Thursday Jeff also made Bean Soup with our left-over ham bone and beans (of course).

Friday was rainy. And I mean get the Ark out rainy. We stayed home and continued to clean in the morning. That evening we headed back to our old neighborhood for William’s best friend from kindergarten’s birthday party. We only stayed for about half the party but it was fun for William to get to see his friends. Also his friend’s older brother was in Shelby’s class at their old school and she enjoyed seeing him as well. (Sorry, no pics, the only ones I got didn’t have my kids in them. What the what?)

After the party, we headed down to Southport to meet up with Jeff’s Dad and Step-Mother. They had spent Easter weekend up in Maryland visiting Jeff’s half-brother whose birthday was Monday. We had dinner at Bella Cucina, an Italian restaurant that Jeff had worked at while I was pregnant with Shelby. We had eaten at little at the party but were still hungry! I got a yummy Stromboli that I saved half of for later :).

Saturday morning was gray and gloomy. Joseph and I headed out early for First Communion Rehearsal. This one was for all English speaking kids from the four faith formation classes and two school classes. He was supposed to have a soccer game immediately after but I got a text that it was cancelled as soon as we got to the church. Just as well as the ground was a mud mess AND this meant I didn’t have to rush back!

I have to say, Joseph did very well at the rehearsal. A lot of kids cut up and a lot were scared and a lot more, had no idea what they were doing. Joseph only forgot to genuflect during the “mock processional” but that was due to a huge log-jam of kids who weren’t listing/got confused/wanted to talk to their parents etc.

After rehearsal, we headed home with a quick post office stop to get stamps because we had invitations to send out.

We had Chinese food for dinner because Jeff was getting sick of cooking and we wanted something different.

Sunday morning, Joseph and I attended our regular Mass for Divine Mercy Sunday. At this Mass, our candidates were received into full Communion with the Church. Deo Gratias! We also remembered at that Mass a member of our Church family, Bennie.  Father Pat mentioned Bennie in his homily and we prayed a Hail Mary for him at the end of Mass as a congregation. Bennie was not Catholic but faithfully attended Mass at our parish. He passed away Easter Sunday morning and some of his last hours on Earth were spent at our parish at the Easter Vigil where Joseph and I saw him for what would turn out to be the last time.

After Mass, we came home to French Toast brunch made with the challah I’d had blessed on Holy Saturday. I had to run to work to get my schedule and after that we watched NASCAR and had a hodge-podge of left-overs for dinner.

We then had to get ready to go back to school.

So this morning I’m doing the happy dance as three munchkins got on their respective buses and headed to school. Joseph will have an easy day with all his specials (William and Shelby will have theirs tomorrow). Shelby, I’m sure is glad to be back to routine. And William will get to use his glasses for the first time in the classroom. We had a good week off (and we won’t have another day off til Memorial Day!) but it’s good to be back to “normal” for a while now.

Now, to pick up my house before heading to work!