The Weekend I Just Cannot Wait To End…

Friday Morning: 7:45 AM

William had his annual eye doctor appointment. Since he was six months old, William had been seeing a pediatric opthamologist initially because of a suspected muscular issue and potential stribismis. As he got older, a small difference in one of his optic nerves was noticed and while it could just be “his normal” we had been watching it for potential changes in case it was the start of something serious. To this point, his vision seemed good and passable. While we were in the parking lot, he had told me that his eyes were checked at school and “(I) didn’t do so good.” I hadn’t heard anything from the school so I wasn’t sure if that was his perception or not. Well, we’d been transferred after last year’s visit to an optometrist and she immediately knew something wasn’t perfect. Her exam revealed that William has some issues with close-up sight and needed glasses at least for reading, screen usage and other close-up vision. That wasn’t bad news, he was thrilled and picked out some awesome specs and was disappointed to find out it could be two-four weeks to get them.

Ultimately, William didn’t go to school because the dilation lasted longer than typical and his vision was less than stellar as a result. He did great though. Shelby was also absent on Friday because of a GI virus. That, I really could have lived without!

At the end of the day, Joseph was home everything was fine…

…until 11:30 pm when Joseph was in my room on the floor crying. He said his hip hurt. Wait, what? Kids don’t have joint pain. William was with him and they both denied any kind of horseplay that caused the issue (I hadn’t heard any either). I checked and there was no bruising or swelling and he said it didn’t hurt to touch, only when he moved. I got him to bed and gave him 2 motrin. He said he wasn’t in pain when lying on the hip in question and curled up. I said a prayer we’d make it til walk-in hours at our pediatrician in the morning.

God gave me a big, fat “no” to that prayer.

At 3 AM I heard screaming from the boys room. It was Joseph’s voice and he was obviously in pain. I dressed and ready and Jeff carried him to the car as he could not bear weight. It is equal distances to the ER we had been using at the hospital the kids were born in and the one in our county. So I went to the one that has a file on the kids already. I drove and we prayed. We said our morning prayers and then prayed a Rosary. We arrived at 3:45 AM to find that the ER was under construction. I parked at the Cardiac Wing and we walked toward where the entrance had been to find it was no more. We were at the ambulance entrance where a nurse took pity on us and let us in and walked us to check-in.

There was no triage that night and apparently it was a big night for Wilmington as there were multiple car accidents, heart attacks and strokes. Finally, 2 1/2 hours into our wait, they called Joseph back. He snuggled under a warm blanket and slept while the nurses took his vitals. After about 30 mins, we were moved again, this time to a larger, quieter room (we were told it was because he is a child and would be seen more quickly there). This room also had a larger tv. We took advantage of the time to rest. In the new room we had a nurse, a tech and a paramedic! Joseph was feeling much better but we were in it now. It was past 8 when the PA came in. He examined Joseph extensively. It is worth mentioning now that Joseph was diagnosed with strep throat on Tuesday and on antibiotics already. The PA was concerned there may be a secondary infection in the joint but the lack of accompanying fever and the fact that Joseph was already feeling much, much better alleviated that worry. Those infections also typically target multiple joints which wasn’t the case. Conditions like rheumatic fever and post-strep arthritis typically occur two weeks after the diagnosis and after antibiotics so we could rule those things pretty well out. They were rare but could have been the cause. Finally, it appeared he probably had sustained a very minor injury to ligaments or tendons during the day that day and they tightened up while he was in a resting state.

We finally busted out of the ER by 10:15 and were home at 11. Where I promptly took 2 aspirin for a noxious headache and then slept for five hours. Joseph had managed sleep in the ER so he was awake and ready to go.

I then managed a solid 10 hours of sleep that night before getting up for Mass at 8 AM on DST Sunday. Hello, #winning!

Joseph had his fifth soccer game today and he did well. Nary a sign of the pain at all. Thank you Jesus!

And Jesus did a lot of leg-work (pun intended) for me during my ER debacle. After check-in, I got on facebook and did what any red-blooded Catholic-American mom would do, I begged friends and family to pray for us. So many people reacted and commented with prayer as they started their day. I have no doubt that Joseph’s healing was so quick because so many people joined their intentions with our own in asking for his healing.

And God had a special treat for me for all of this. Remember my desire for the non-Scrutiny readings this week? Well, at 8 AM Mass at Church 2 of 3, we did the Cycle C readings.

That really went a very, very long way in making up for the ER…and the child currently refusing to go to bed. And the one asleep on the couch with fever and no other symptoms…

Yeah, let’s get this weekend over and done with!