How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Became a Soccer Mom

Well, maybe soccer mom is a bit premature but I am a mom and one of my kids plays soccer. As of last week.

I know all the pros and cons and in general I’m not a huge fan of kids sporting leagues but since in the Western world we seem to know no other way for our kids to be outside and active aside from them…there we are.

Jeff was a super athletic kind of kid one of these all-stars in basketball and baseball. I never was. My brothers were but seriously, not me.

The attitude we adopted in parenting toward sports was, if they express interest, we’ll do it and when they want to quit, they’re done. Same as with other interests. Present them and leave them alone.

When we moved we figured it was as good a time as any to re-ignite the sports discussion which we added would help us integrate in the new community. And both boys ended up signed up for soccer only for it to be scheduled at the exact same time as Faith Formation.

This spring was a new season, and William didn’t want to play but Joseph was game. So there we went. We’re two weeks, three practices and four games into his first season. And I’m surprised to say, we all are really enjoying it.

Joseph’s team is small (only seven kids) and he’s the only kid who’s never played before, but he has natural skill and talent and he learns fast. The other kids had no idea. The other parents had no idea and have been asking me where he played last year. He plays hard and listens and learns.

I’m talking to other moms, wait, what?

And Shelby is a rockstar at home games where everyone already knows her name. William enjoys cheering for Joe. Maybe he’ll want to play this fall, we’ll see.

Jeff is fine with whatever for sports so that’s pretty cool too.

There have been some really great things to come out of it thus far including:

  1. Joseph is learning teamwork and how to effectively communicate.
  2. Concussion awareness is all the rage and so these little guys are not heading balls…yet.
  3. We’ve witnessed sportsmanship above and beyond anything I’ve ever expected.
  4. We’ve all enjoyed fresh air.
  5. Less screen time all around!!!
  6. We watch as much futbol as anything else when at home. (Seriously, Jeff makes sure to have a Barclays Premier League game on tv when we get home from Mass to help himself and Joseph learn the game even better.)

It’s been really fun learning how to be a “soccer-mom” in this league and I will say, despite all our running around, I will be sad if Joseph says he doesn’t want to play this fall. But I’ll be even more grateful for our time at play.

soccer boy