I have nothing more to add but want to share this…

Melody of Blossoming Joy wrote this response to the comments of Pope Francis last week.

I wanted to share that but also to share this from Chris in the comments:

Perhaps we should send our letters of confusion to the Holy Father, instead of to eachother [sic]. St. Catherine of Sienna comes to mind as someone who personally challenged a pope. I’ve been praying for him. My mother is his age and I cannot imagine her being able to take a trip like that, not to mention the countless hours speaking and hugging handicapped people, the sheer exhaustion. So, I guess I just have been praying for him. But I might write that letter too.

The wisdom here needs to be underscored. We all have an opinion on so many things that we discuss online with anyone but the person with whom it pertains to. I think in the midst of confusion and possible dismay, Chris’ idea is prudent.


Edited to add one more great link from Kendra at Catholic All Year (which really picks up Chris’ suggestion and runs with it) and provides additional information.

Also, as Jennifer Ambrose is wont to tell me in times of trouble: if the Church could survive the Borgias, it will survive this.


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