Cheese Pizza and Fish Sticks…yup, it’s Friday

I never wanted meat so much as I do today.

–William, age 6

This year has been the first year Joseph and William have really been into living liturgically. They came up with their own fasts for Lent and have learned how to use the three Catholic calendars plus Liturgical calendar to figure out the meatless days. And, as William has found out, there is nothing to kick a craving in like knowing you’re not supposed to have it!

So far, we’ve done really well with our fasts.

The kids were off from school today because there was some nasty weather. Freezing rain, sadly no snow, but it was a safe decision and therefore the best one.

Thankfully, because Jeff is a teacher, he was able to stay home with them because I had a day shift at work today.

At work we have a thriving floral department combined with great wine selections and a ton of specialty chocolates so we’re super busy this weekend. Plus people were freaking out about the weather and buying all the bottled water. So it would have been awful to have to call out!

Before I went into work Jeff made us grilled cheese sandwiches. I appreciate how he really tries to make sure the boys and I (and Shelby loves her great grilled cheese) are keeping on top of our fasts and days of abstaining.

At work we sold a ton of seafood. I was helping another cashier with bagging and in the cart were cheese pizzas and fish sticks. I smiled and the customer noticed and smiled back. We were thinking the same thing which she said out loud, “Yup, it’s a Friday!”

I came home to cheese pizza that Jeff had delivered. I was tired (and I’m doing it again tomorrow!) so I loved the ease and simplicity. Especially since I forgot to grab any salmon!

I’m interested to see how the boys feel this time next week, but I’m optimistic!