Fasting and Praying and Ashtags…oh my!

Blessed Ash Wednesday!

I have to say over the years this has become one of my favorite masses and this year did not disappoint.

But first…

the day began with breakfast…aka a cup of coffee and five grapes. And then I took the kids to school because I had a conference with Joseph’s teacher. It was called because of concerns which we are jointly addressing and have a plan of action on.

I came home and set to house cleaning and praying and not eating nor breaking my other fasts :). I managed some online Eucharistic Adoration as well as several different reflections a full Rosary and Rosary of Seven Sorrows.

Just before the kids came home from school I also got in a Chaplet of Divine Mercy at 3 pm.

William came home and went straight to bed so Joseph and I headed out to Mass. We decided to go to parish #3 of 3 which is actually the closest. Not a fan of the music there nor the lack of pews and kneelers (it’s impossible to kneel the way the seats are). But a huge fan of the priest. It was standing room only including a very large military contingent. For reasons I don’t really know Joseph’s never made it with me to an Ash Wednesday Mass so he was very interested in getting ashes.

These readings are some of my favorite, in particular the first reading from Joel. It’s one of those that hits me in all the feels. In a great big way.

The homily at Mass included the priest admitting he hates Lent and hates how it reminds us both of our sinful nature and our mortality. It was a really hard hitting homily that even the kids understood. (This is the priest who last year gave me one of the best penance’s I’ve ever had at the Lenten Penance Service at our parish.)

After Communion I found myself sitting with my eyes closed praying the Anima Christi and feeling the strange mix of joy and repentance that define Lent. I began to wonder if fasting was really getting in my head but it wasn’t. It was Jesus. There in the Body and Blood. It was feeling how it feels to turn toward Him despite everything the world wants us to believe that we can do it by ourselves.

We came home to find the rest of the house mostly in bed (except Shelby who would stay up all night if allowed). And I promised Joseph we’d commemorate his first Ash Wednesday Mass (seriously, how did I never have him with me in previous years!) the way he asked… #ashtag


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