The Obligatory “What are you giving up” Post

Fat Tuesday was phat…

So, I happened to be off work (I work Thursday, Friday and Saturday of Valentine’s Day weekend..). This morning after getting three kiddos on the bus I headed out to the Dollar Store to get Valentine’s Day supplies for the kids’ card exchanges at school. I was pleased to find some cute stuff for St Patrick’s Day. Then I headed to the grocery store for our Mardi Gras necessities.


King cake and pączki…not homemade, as I’m sure you can tell.

So after dinner (taco Tuesday, the one dinner everyone actually eats), this was dessert.

So, what are we giving up? Well, the kids are, as always complicated.

William: getting new toys (this happens an embarrassing amount of time with his dad) and asking for them, youtube and treats at school (he earns “money” he can buy treats with)

Joseph: originally it was going to be electronics but that was going to be next to impossible, especially since he often has homework assignments that include some kind of online ability. So he’s also giving up youtube.

Kristen: I am giving up my personal facebook account and secular music. I’m going all K-Love or Catholic radio (when I can get the signal in my car and online). Also I’m trying to snack healthier and try to avoid meat whenever possible. Fridays for sure, but Joseph is helping me find alternatives for some of our other standard meals.

It’s less than three hours til midnight…let’s do this.