Seven Quick Takes…week one back to school in the books!


So, here we are, at the end of the first week of the new year. And the first week of back to school…

  1. I took our tree down yesterday. By myself. All of it. It wasn’t a moment too soon because that thing was so dead I am in shock there were any needles at all left on it. I spent a solid hour just on needle clean-up. Jeff got it at a national chain home improvement store. I am thinking next year, we go local.
  2. Wednesday the boys had dentist appointments. It was their first visit with their new dentist since we moved. Previously we had them at the same pediatric dentist Shelby uses (Shelby is still a patient, they have a nearby office in our new location) but we found that they really didn’t need all the bells and whistles (and extremely long wait times) of that type of office so I moved them to a family dentist. Everything looked great and I am so pleased with our move especially because after the pediatric dentist told us they wouldn’t take out Joseph’s baby tooth that had a permanent tooth fully erupted behind it for a year, this dentist said, come back in two weeks and we’ll get it out and hopefully the spacing will correct itself without braces.
  3. Things I learned from my grandparents over the holiday: When my grandmother was young, her father moved her family out of a traditional Italian neighborhood in Buffalo to what was then the outskirts of town. When she attended Catholic school there, a nun (who she remember as a favorite) named Sister Joan had her stand up as an example in class of people with dark hair and coloring (my grandmother’s family is not just Italian, but Sicilian). Imagine that happening today!

    Also, when my grandmother began dating my grandfather (who is Polish), my great-grandfather used to tell family, “Sue’s going with a Polish boy but he’s one of the smart ones.” (My grandfather has two masters degrees, one in chemisty and one in business.) It was a great source of pride, apparently, to my Italian great-grandfather.

  4. Who else is in denial about Ash Wednesday being February 10th? Seriously though, I am in complete denial but it is a good thing in that it means we have a few weeks between Easter and First Communion now. But that means it is going to feel like the beginning of this year is so crunched up together. Lent starting in early February, Easter in March, First Communion in April…oh yeah, First Reconciliation is in two weeks. And to think when all that is over, we’ll have been in our house almost a year.
  5. I am so exhausted from this first week back to school, I suggest we have another two week break…who’s with me?!
  6. Want to know what our best Christmas present was? It came from my youngest brother Ben and his wife of just over 6 months who is super crafty. And we all have to share it to prevent fights from breaking out…here is Shelby wrapped up in it:Shelby blanketIt is personalized  to “the Herretts” and it happens to match our bedding perfectly (they haven’t been to our house since we moved) is very soft and warm.
  7. Last but not least, prayer request time. William has his first allergist appointment Wednesday for his “scratch test.” He is always nervous but then in the last weeks he’s seen two on television (fictionalized) and he’s terrified now. So prayers that he is relieved and we finally get some answers (aka allergy shots).

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