Slaying the New Year

So, I haven’t made it to confession yet (tomorrow is a possible) and haven’t had a chance to open my January book yet nor my Bible BUT…guys I’ve worked out for three days straight. Take that January non-resolution!


I have this thing where I don’t make resolutions involving diet, exercise or health. I have found that putting that “emphasis” of a resolution to ultimately be destructive.

Also, I have fitness rules:

  1. Must be free. If it requires me to drive to it, it costs gas and is therefore not free.
  2. It must not require any special equipment aside from sneakers
  3. It has to be manageable portions that I can work my day around. Cause my day be jacked up sometimes.
  4. I avoid talking about it at all cost.

In light of number four I’m going to shut up about that now. We’re in day two of back to school and I managed a full shift at work yesterday thanks to no one getting sick at home and people actually shopping at work.

I also got tons of cleaning done yesterday and laundry and I’m feeling pretty darn good about my progress. The tree is still up (I’ll get it down tomorrow.) I got Joseph his prescription filled for his prevantative inhaler, both boys have dentist appointments tomorrow and I’ve gotten William in for an allergist consult next Wednesday!

So that’s it…that’s ho I’m doing it for the time being!



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