If you’ve read this blog for a while I’m sure you’re reading that title and thinking…


I’m not a fan of the whole “New Year’s Resolution” thing but I want to improve some things in my life at the very least spiritually. I am hoping for improvement, not miracles or radical transformation.

So here they go…

  1. Attend mass on every Holy Day of Obligation. So far we’re two for two making it to mass on New Year’s Day at my parents’ parish and at our alternate parish today.
  2. Make it to Confession at least once a month. I’m truly not picky as to parish or priest for this, which will make it easier if I’m able to go at an assigned time. In the event that I am stuck with making an appointment, it might be trickier because my parish is a haul for an off day but I think it can be done.
  3. Read one faith-building book a month. I have a few I need to read already and some I want to read. I just have to stick to it!
  4. Continue reading the Bible and finish the Old Testament.

So here we go, a few things to work on over the course of the calendar year. I’m hopeful that in bettering my spiritual life everything else will fall into place. I know it will.