A Saint for 2016

I have been a fan of Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint Name Generator from the start when she created it because she writes code to relax. I’ve had some interesting patrons for coming years in the past and last year I went through five runs (because I have issues) before getting the saint I knew I was supposed to get (I pray hard before and during this process). And this year, well, first time was the charm. My patron saint of 2016 is….

Saint Juan Diego

Feast Day December 9

This past month, I have reflected often on the appearance of the Blessed Mother to a poor illiterate Indian in Mexico. This last month in particular I’ve felt a pull like never before to this particular Marian Apparition and as this year has come to a close, I have been reminded in many ways that God equips the called and chooses the most unlikely of vessels at times. I have also found myself drawn more and more closely to the Eucharist that Saint Juan Diego so revered and to Eucharistic adoration so I think this is the perfect patron to assist me further in my devotion, especially as my son will be making his First Holy Communion this year. I also look forward to drawing closer to the Blessed Mother through his intercession and guidance.

I like adopting saints for the rest of my family so here are those:

For Jeff I prayed that the Holy Spirit help assign him a patron who would help draw him closer to Christ and His Church and the Eucharist. The Holy Spirit decided not to make this one of those less than obvious choices. Jeff’s patron is…

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Feast Day August 28

Saint Augustine may have his work cut out for him but I believe he’s up to the intercessory challenge. (I will admit I laughed out loud when the saint came up…there was no subtlety in this choice!)

For Shelby I asked the Holy Spirit to guide to a saint for my girl who has enormous struggles at times but also great joy and who has as many strengths as challenges. Her patron of 2015 was Saint Courtney Lenaburg who is not canonized nor even beatified, but whose intercession I could not deny would happen and be meaningful in our lives. So, I was curious to see whom the Holy Spirit would think is up to the task in 2016. Shelby’s patron is…

Blessed Fra Angelico

Feast Day February 18

When the name first popped up I was reminded of my grandmother’s aunt Frances “Fra”(we pronounced it “fray”) Santa Lucia (yes, my grandmother’s maiden name is Santa Lucia and she’s Sicilian). I knew my great-great aunt Fra in my lifetime and I immediately knew that besides being Italian there was probably very little this Friar and my great-great aunt would have in common. He is a patron saint of artists which makes me smile because Shelby’s art teachers have always loved her and remarked on her talent in collage making and “ripped” abstract art. Perhaps this artist friar to the Pope will help us uncover even more talent!

Joseph is my boy of the scientific mind. He is a fact machine right now about dinosaurs and pre-historic times. He is also making his First Confession in January and his First Holy Communion in April. I asked the Holy Spirit to direct us to a saint with nods to science, facts but who would continue through his or her intercession to draw Joseph closer to Christ in the sacraments. Joseph’s patron for the year 2016 is…

Saint Luke

Feast Day October 18

Being the patron saint of doctors and surgeons, we definitely have the science part covered. And being that we are in Cycle C and are using Luke’s Gospel in mass, I can definitely see where this particular saint can draw Joseph closer to Christ for sure. Joseph was also born on the feast day of Saint Matthew, another Gospel author, so this seems fitting in that respect as well.

For William I prayed especially hard. William is such a sweet child and so loving but also plagued by anxiety and self-doubt, especially academically. He is very creative but struggles a bit when it comes to the basics in education and although he is exactly where he should be his confidence in his abilities is often lacking and he has true panic attacks regarding this. He even struggles to try because of this confidence issue. I really begged the Holy Spirit for a patron to help William (and his parents) navigate these on-going issues. William’s patron of 2016 is…

Saint Joseph Calasanz

Feast Day August 25

A saint I’d never heard of but who I saw immediately is the patron saint of schoolchildren. Good call, Holy Spirit. I have no doubt this is a great fit for my little worrier!

I am excited for all of our patrons and cannot wait to get 2016 started with them!