Kim and Kanye can name their baby whatever they want…and no, as a Catholic, it does not offend me

So, true story, last night I posted a link to this CNA article. It was a tongue in cheek story about Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West’s newborn son being named Saint and that he has no middle name so here are a few suggestions. Then I got a comment from a non-Catholic friend:

As a Catholic does the name feel like an insult? When I read his name the first time I couldn’t help but feel like it was a slap in the face to Catholics.

I shared the article to poke a little good natured fun with no malice intended so here comment struck me as odd. Here was my initial response:

Not in particular to me. People refer to others living and dead as “saints” that the Catholic church does not recognize as saints. Selma Blair, who is Jewish, gave her son the middle name Saint a few years back. I just think they happen to be enormously self-absorbed people and it would never occur to them what the word really means. Kim is a baptized Catholic and Robert Kardashian raised his children Catholic, but when her father died, her faith pretty much died as well. I’m sure to her, it’s the same as it is when your average non-Catholic Christian uses the word. There is lots more that I encounter in person on the daily being a Catholic in NC that insults me. I can’t let stuff like this bother me.

I’m not sure if she didn’t believe me or didn’t think that was a good enough explanation because this was her response:

I am not a religious person, however I respect everyone and their right to practice whatever they please. It feels disrespectful, self entitled, and self absorbed.

I decided to say one more thing and leave it at that:

I can appreciate righteous indignation and appreciate your feelings on this.

But the more I think about it. The less offended I am. And the more I question why anyone would get their panties in a wad over this situation.

First of all, let me just get this out there, they can name their kid anything they want. I am sure they are not the first to choose this name as I mentioned, Selma Blair used it as a middle name a few years back for her son.

Secondly, how can I think this is offensive when a personal friend named her son Messiah and non-Catholics misuse the term “saint” vs how Catholics define it on the daily. That’s some double standard that Kim and Kanye can’t name their baby this because they’re Kim and Kanye but my friend who’s nobody can name her baby Messiah or others name their child “Savior.” I’m not a Muslim and this isn’t shirk. And why can’t they use it as a name when I hear little old Baptist ladies use the term to define living people all the time?

And what about the rampant anti-Catholicism I encounter daily living in NC? We make up just at 10% of the state and that is after YEARS of  being only 2%. We are only as high as we are now because of immigration (legal or otherwise), military and retirees. Remember all those churches closing in the northeast…it’s because a ton of them are here now. I still hear regularly that the Church is the whore of Babylon and that Catholics are tainting the South of it’s purity and making it no longer the “Bible Belt” etc. If I can let most of that go and pray for those people, why in the world would a baby’s name get me upset?

And let’s not get started on the abuses within the Church that are offensive…let’s just say it’s hard for me to find offense with a baby’s name when there is so much more cleaning of my own house that needs to be done.

She nailed (and I mentioned) it when she said they were self-indulgent people. They are making themselves happy not trying to offend all the Catholics everywhere. It’s very sweet that she wants to be offended for me, but I’m more worried about Harvard sponsoring Black Masses and things like that. I can’t waste what precious little time God has given me on nonsense like this. Not when there are real things to be upset about.

If anything, things like this are smokescreens the devil throws up to throw us off our game. If we get so offended by what two celebrities name their son, we won’t be paying attention to things like laws that violate conscience or Black Masses or the destruction of Christian churches by ISIS.

Not even going to go to the “why are we so offended by everything” argument. (Rumor has it that Haley is going to cover that in the near future.)–Updated to add that Haley has now published that post.

So, there you have it. Kim and Kanye named their son Saint. Big whoop. Their kid, their name. And no, I’m not offended.