What I Did on my Thanksgiving Vacation

So today is back to real life but on the plus side it is “Advent-real-life” which beats “normal-real-life” in my humble opinion.

“Vacation” for me started Wednesday. We originally planned to all five go up to Goldsboro to visit Jeff’s mom with some food. I ended up staying home with Shelby after a couple of less than pleasant diaper experiences. Jeff decided it was best that she and I stay home.

Thursday morning we had plans to go to mass. Alas, that would be the morning that “toilet-gate 2015” would begin. Seemingly overnight Shelby decided that flushing things that shouldn’t go down the toilet was fun. Toothbrushes, saline nose drops…these things plugged all three toilets that morning. Sadly, mass didn’t get to happen as a result of this chaos. But the boys and I did watch the parade. William was excited to see the Rockettes, but not for reasons you might imagine. His reason was to see what Spongebob and Squidward were discussing here:


He also enjoyed seeing the kids who appeared in the Broadway numbers. He did ask for acting and dance classes and voice lessons after seeing them.

We ventured to Jeff’s dad and step-mother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner where we joined Jeff’s younger brother, his wife, son and father-in-law. After dinner, dessert and a football game (Panthers are still undefeated) we headed home.

Friday afternoon I had a shot shift at work but that morning we decided to enjoy the warm weather and headed out to the beach. The tide was going out but it was not yet low-tide. The boys originally were looking for shark teeth (megalodon teeth have been washing up on shore as of late at our new “home” beach) but ended up falling in love with the many sea stones that they found. William filled up both his crocs and Joseph both pockets before we left. We will bring bags next trip!

Shell Collectors Beach Day

A photo posted by @recoveringpeoplepleaser on Nov 27, 2015 at 8:07am PST

As you can see the weather was perfect, if a bit warm for this time of year!

Saturday Shelby and Mom had girl’s day because Jeff took the boys shopping and to see The Good Dinosaur. Despite hearing lackluster reviews, they all really enjoyed the movie. We had a big left-overs dinner that night and I am kicking myself because I did not take enough turkey home for sandwiches, especially after buying some really good bread for them! Fortunately I got some of my favorite cranberry almond chicken salad at work so the bread will not be wasted! And as my mom pointed out, turkeys are so cheap this time of year too, so we may get another one.

Sunday morning the boys and I headed out to Infant of Prague for mass to celebrate the First Sunday of Advent. With Sunday being such a big travel day, it wasn’t exceptionally crowded (a lot of people I know go to the Vigil mass where they are visiting and get on the road early Sunday morning). We enjoyed coffee and doughnuts after mass and then headed home for a semi-lazy day. Lots of Minecraft happened. I helped Jeff grade papers and record grades.

The boys are really embracing Advent this year. It’s been really fun to see them checking the Liturgical calendar and their Advent calendar to see what they are focusing on for the day.

The long weekened really could have been extended a couple more days, but we really had a lot of fun!