I Couldn’t Make This Up…

So, this is our biggest week of the year in the grocery game. Seriously. And yet, in our town which relies on military paychecks…we’re slow. Payday is every two weeks and last week wasn’t a payday and this Friday is Black Friday so people aren’t spending :(.

As a result, I’m not working much. At the end of last week I got my schedule that said I was working today for six and a half hours. However, when I arrived at work…I wasn’t on the schedule. Because it got cut over 100 hours on Friday. So, I grabbed the cat food and junior ibuprofen we needed and headed back home. I cleaned up so it wasn’t a total loss of  a day.

Did I mention today has been the coldest day since we moved here? It was 33 degrees when I put the boys on the bus this morning. Then I defrosted my car. My car has issues. Lots of them. And some are climatological. And anything to do with the de-frost is an automatic non-starter. So that was fun.

The kids only have two days of school this week. Today and tomorrow. Friday William and Shelby stayed home as William was complaining of a sore throat and Shelby needed a flu shot. William’s rapid strep came up negative but we have an awesome pediatrician who ALWAYS cultures the cells to be sure. Shelby has gotten the flu mist in the past but since we are going to my in-laws for Thanksgiving and my father-in-law is not in good health, I decided so close to the holiday for her to get the real shot so she didn’t shed live virus. She was a super-pro at the shot. No crying, no screaming, nothing. The nurse is one who knows Shelby and was very impressed.

Remember how I said they cultured William’s test? Well, I got a call around 1:30 today that it was now showing strep. They called in the prescription and Jeff picked it up so William can have 2 doses before school in the morning. We like life on the edge of our seats here…

The weekend was pretty quiet. Sunday morning was rainy and ugly but the boys and I made it to mass for the Solemnity of Christ the King. I was less than pleased with the behavior during mass, but we got through.

On the way home we stopped at one of our stores south of where we live to pick up milk and I was dying for a stuffed salmon we sell. It was a delicious dinner. I even allowed doughnuts because in general behavior was okay. Just not what I would have hoped for.

Tomorrow I have verified I AM working. Then two days off. Well, not off…Wednesday we travel to see Jeff’s mom to have a mini-Thanksgiving with her. The demand for meeting rooms on the actual holiday and lack of regular staffing at the rehab center/nursing home means we celebrate a day early out of necessity. Then Thursday we’ll travel to Jeff’s dad and step-mom’s for the actual day. After mass. And after we make the dishes we agreed to bring (three things we’ve made before but never brought before). Stay tuned…if you hear any screams coming from the NTI way…you’ll know who it is!