Why I don’t read blogs like I used to anymore…

It all started with this one blog. It came highly recommended by a blogger I like, so I took a chance. Apparently this is a blogger who blogged once, stopped and went back.

I really tried to give this blog a chance, but the vitirol spewed by this blogger was pretty ugly. I mean, Ann Coulter-style ugly. And this blogger initially claimed to have come back to blogging after speaking to a “high profile Catholic blogger” who encouraged this blogger to make amends and say sorry. Well, saying sorry and meaning it, are two very different things.

I don’t ask people to be inauthentic in any way. That is an awful thing. However, the fact that this blogger has not blogged in over a year is testament to, “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” And I know this because this blogger has a blog facebook page and well, um, this blogger is not very nice about it. And has admitted to not blogging because of the near occasion for sin. And I didn’t even want to go to the blog facebook page but it shares a similar name to another blog and I got confused and boom! I had no idea so much negativity could reside in one human being (except the aforementioned Coulter): there is name-calling; there is slander and malice; there are ugly accusations.

I know these blogs exist, but I was truly, truly shocked at how I came about this one. Now, since the original recommendation, I’ve seen no other mention of this blog on the other blogger’s site. Probably a good thing.

We all have bad days. We all have ranty days. But when that’s all we put out into the interwebs, yikes! I agree that too many happy posts can create a false impression of perfection but too many ugly ones? Let’s just say if that’s the side you willingly choose to put out there in internet-land, I really don’t think I need to meet you in real life.

And honestly, this terrible experience has made me much more selective in when and how much I read of other blogs. I do read my friends’ blogs quite often, but even then, it’s not like I used to because once I log into my reader and start, I tend to read a lot of other blogs and yeah. It actually makes me nervous.

I also do not understand what motives aside from jealousy and wrath–and a deep sense of self-hatred– provoke this blogger, so I just don’t know that I want to end up in the blogging cross-hairs. I used to occasionally leave comments anonymously but obviously I don’t even want to look at said blog or blog facebook page, so I won’t be doing that ever again. If this was someone who had legitimate complaints, that would be one thing but ugh…baseless accusations and questioning others’ commitment to their faith? Are you kidding me? The people this blogger has lashed out at, appear to ignore the blog and the person as no lawsuits could be filed (although they certainly could be). So why make a public blog if you just want to spew, spew to yourself, your spouse, a few close friends.

I hate that this experience has made me more cautious about when and how I read others’ blogs. I really do. I pray for this blogger and I pray that I can learn to just ignore and move on and not let that kind of hateful, hurtful behavior to affect me like this in the future.