Crazy Evolving Time

Well, we survived the first week of school. Okay, the boys thrived through it (and I’m going to include Jeff in the boys in this case) and the girls (ahem, the other two of us) um, we got by the skin of our teeth. Regardless, we got through it.

So, five days of school we got through, I figured out what is and isn’t going to work in regards to my work schedule. And I’m figuring out this whole, “making lunch” thing which is not as fun as it sounds. Just sayin’

I was surprised that neither of the boys have had homework aside from reading for the entire first week of school! I don’t think this school is less strict than their old one, at all. I do think that things are done quite differently though. We had lots of fun reading this week though and I think we’re really getting to a point where both boys enjoy it more.

Living in a new place gives you a chance to learn all kinds of new things about your kids. Every month I download a back drop from the blog Chocolate and Zucchini. My kids always liked seeing the different pics, but this week, because I finally cleaned off like 1000 files Joseph put on my desktop, William discovered that there is a calendar in these pics. And I discovered that William kind of loves calendars. Which I like, so I know he got it from me :).

In Joseph news, he totally LOVES school. He is so excited to go every single day. He loved school but this just feels different. And I honestly can’t figure out why. He acts very non-chalant about it but we can tell. Now I’m sure when homework comes along (I’m guessing this week) he may feel a bit different but we’ll enjoy this while it lasts!

Shelby is really working hard at adjusting. Also she is having a great time acting like she owns the place here at home. Four times tonight I have sent her back upstairs to go back to bed.

Jeff got a phone call on Friday afternoon at school from one of his first students to thank him for Jeff’s help. I’ve found that since we live closer to Jeff’s work now, an unforeseen benefit, is finding out he is a really good teacher. Kids love him. They learn from him. I never doubted it, but I never saw it either. So that is fun.

“Real life” as it were is pretty fun around here. Last night I did the Law & Order marathon on WE. I was always an SVU fan in a major way but watching the original series, particularly the shows I watched during their first run, 20 years ago, is a real thrill because those shows still hold up! I know it sounds like a mundane thing, but with no cable for so long and no Netflix or nothing else…I have not been able to properly binge watch. So, sue me.

This morning we headed to St Mark’s because summer is over and we need to come home. Mass was amazing, as always. William was having a bad allergy morning so he struggled til the meds kicked in around the time of the Consecration. And my sweet boy also clocked his leg on the pew in front of us during the Creed. Ouch! Father Michael had a brilliant homily that we all enjoyed.

After mass, we went to a parent meeting for Faith Formation. The boys were very well behaved. And here’s where things get interesting. Remember the second reading from James?

“Be doers of the word and not hearers only, deluding yourselves.”
James 1:22

Well, our DFF let the bomb drop that there aren’t enough catechists for this fall. And they really need some. So, afterwards, I told her, um, I’ve been a catechist before. It’s been several years and I had no formal training with it when I did it. And she didn’t say, “thanks but no thanks!” (which I would not have blamed her if she did). Nope, in fact, she got me all the paperwork for Diocese and I’m mailing it in tomorrow and yeah…we’ll see what happens! I’m excited for great things. No matter what happens.

Things are changing a lot right now for us. Everything is new and starting over and better and that’s really exciting. Frightening at times, but exciting. We’re still working through some anxiety issues with William. Shelby’s having a few adjustment hiccups. Joseph might become less excited about school and more disenchanted with no technology during the week. But hey, I got to watch Sherlock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine tonight so…winning.

Thank you God for giving me the patience to get to this place.