First Day of School Blues, Blahs Etc…

Today is the kids’ first day of school. Okay, maybe it’s not as bad as the title makes out. We’ve had some major, major snafus with Shelby’s classroom placement and transportation. We’re still working through the transportation issues. Otherwise, things are great.

Here are our obligatory first day of school pics. Note: no cute signs or chalkboards. I’m lucky I remembered to take pics at all.

1st day of Fourth Grade 2015-16 Dixon Elementary Mrs. Lesvesque’s class

A photo posted by @recoveringpeoplepleaser on Aug 24, 2015 at 4:25am PDT


1st day of Second Grade. 2015-16 Dixon Elementary Ms Kearney’s Class

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1st day of First Grade 2015-16 Dixon Elementary Mrs Costanzo’s class

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Back to school feels extra stressful this year and I’m sure it’s because it’s the culmination of our move. Like the last nail in the coffin of our old life in another place. A lot of things are done VERY differently here which is a huge adjustment for me, the kids and even Jeff because this is his first year with the kids in the same school district as him.

William’s teacher is young, vibrant, sweet and energetic. I am sure she is a perfect fit for him. William’s had the most anxiety and fear regarding everything about our move. When I met the teacher on Friday, I was sure that he will have a smooth transition.

Joseph’s teacher is a veteran. And she’s awesome. She is big into creativity and making everything work for the kiddos. She even paired up all her new students (we live in a military community now so there is a constant flux of students as parents get deployed and stationed elsewhere) with returning students to help them learn the routine of the school.

Shelby’s teacher is brand new to the school. She’s new to the state. She’s new to marriage! She’s been a teacher for five years though. While Shelby is the only girl in her class (still) she is one of only three students. She seemed right at home this morning when I brought her in. She hopefully will get into the routine and like it soon!

We’ve always prayed the Holy Michael, the Archangel prayer in the morning. As the adventure is SO new to us this year we say it with even a more hopes of protection.

Holy Michael the Archangel

I am waiting out picking Shelby up at the school now. I am in constant prayer today for all three kids and that Shelby’s transportation issues are resolved asap!

Our family prays for all families starting the school year this year!