Vacations Happen

We are back from our annual week up at Emerald Isle, NC. We only live one hour away now but we hadn’t had a chance since moving to head up. That being said, now that we do live so much closer, after this week we’ll head back much more often. This year’s trip included lots of beach days, a trip to the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores (courtesy of the zoo membership our in-laws got Joseph for his birthday last year–we are renewing that membership for sure!), a great dinner out (to The Sanitary in Morehead City instead of Amos Mosquitos in Atlantic Beach because a power outage took AM’s power, well, out) and lots of family time.

On the way down from New York, my grandfather became ill with pneumonia. My aunt and cousin, who were traveling separately but the same route, met up with them in Virginia and drove my grandparents home before turning around and coming back south. My grandfather is in the hospital in NY now doing well and getting better and stronger.

As always, this vacation has left me feeling like I was hit by a Mack Truck going 80 mph. However, as my kids get older each year, we are having more and more fun. The boys are much more independent at the beach and were really little sponges at the aquarium. Shelby continues to amaze us with her continuing maturity and ability to handle her various sensory issues while out and about.

I won’t bore you with the re-cap but I will share this pic courtesy of my brother’s girlfriend, Sarah.

Mermen on the beach.

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Those are my little mer-men!