Seven Quick Takes

Everyone can hide their surprise, but I’m participating in Seven Quick Takes Friday for the first time since it was taken over by Kelly Mantoan at This Ain’t the Lyceum


1. How can I tell the difference between living “near the beach” and living “at the beach?” There is significantly more salt in our tap water. As in leaving residue in my Keurig resevoir and on my metal shower fixtures.

2. So, yesterday we had a family day out. After lunch we went down to Fort Fisher and went to the aquarium using our Zoo membership our inlaws bought us last year for Joseph’s birthday present. We had a great time. William’s favorite thing was the sea turtles both in the large tank and the Kemp’s Ridley who is recovering in the smaller tank. Joseph’s favorite thing was the nurse sharks that can be petted. Shelby’s favorite was the jellyfish, which she could have watched for-ev-uh! I loved the jellyfish and seahorses. We got to see the Bald Eagle they have there. He is a juvenile so his head isn’t white now and unfortunately, he cannot be rehabilitated to the wild because of his injury so we look forward to seeing him grow. Jeff loved the touch tanks and keeping Shelby from climbing in them!

I found sea horses to take home.

sea horses

shhh…I took them home!

And despite the recent “outbreak” of shark attacks in our area, we had to say “JAWS!” and get this pic with a megalodon jaw.


After the aquarium, we went to Sears (as part of our closing, we got money to use toward our new home) where we got everyone but William new bedding (William bought new bedding with his birthday money last month). I was super excited to find a quilt for our bed as I decided I would rather do a quilt than a comforter or bed spread and get new pillows as mine are over six years old. Shelby got her zebra print bedding and Joseph found a Super Mario Brothers set that matched William’s Mario Kart 8 set. We also got the kids new clothes and new sneakers for me and dress shoes for the boys. Afterward, we went to deposit a check from our closing on our old house and then to dinner to Red Robin. Very fun day!

3. I also found out yesterday I could change the address on my driver’s license online. Score.

4. Jeff’s license is up for renewal. He had to go in today to the DMV to do that. No score for him.

5. Last weekend when we went to the wedding, we boarded Charlie (the dog) for the first time in forever. The pet spa/kennel right down the road is named Gilligan’s which we knew was a good sign as that was our late beagle’s name. Charlie is usually a loner when other dogs are around but the owner said he made friends and loved lying in the water. And the groomer fell in love with him, so we’re taking him back to get nail trims and some of his mats taken off. It’s a little thing but we are glad he had such a good time. At 12 (although he hardly acts it) we don’t want him to go through anything traumatic!

6. One of the best things about living at the beach: seafood. Especially if you’re a Catholic who tries to abstain on Fridays and loves fish anyway…Jeff buys it practically off the boat. Fresh and delicious (also helpful to marry a chef).

7. Tomorrow will be my second day of work at the new store (Monday was my first day). I hope my comfort with the layout of the store has improved enough that I can improve my speed in personal shopping!

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