Summer…so far

I feel very guilty writing this in light of reading this, this morning. But here goes anyway.

This has been, dare I say it, our best summer maybe ever?

I did not declare it the Summer of Kristen or a 1970s summer…and yet, here we are.

We are moved into our beautiful new home which has not been without its hiccups, but it happened. We are having long, lazy pool days, we’ve only had one beach trip thus far, but it’s been epically good.

I’ll grant you this, we are early in the summer thus far. The kids are in only their second full week of summer break. Last week Jeff still had to report in daily for his teacher workdays. This week, I went back to work, but thus far…it’s a good summer.

It’s also been epically hot. Meaning the water or indoors is totally where it’s at and we haven’t done much exploring. My car has no AC and the wind is HOT. I journeyed one whole hour with the kids last week to drop off Shelby’s Project Lifesaver device in her old county and we got home and everyone was soaked through their shirts. We were in the pool very quickly.

Last week we traveled to the Charlotte area for my brother’s wedding. Friday was our first day of epic fails. At the last minute the closing on our new house was moved to that day. Jeff still had to report in to work and for the first time all week, the grading/report card system was working, so he raced to enter all his final grades. He arrived just in time for our closing but our lender (who was the one who notified us of the change in closing date) had not sent the attorney’s office our loan packet. Over 35 minutes after our closing was scheduled to begin…the attorney called us back to start going through an incomplete loan packet. Three pages from the end of our packet, a paralegal opened the door and announced the lender had sent a second packet over. Our attorney and real estate agent were not in the best of moods by this point (as were we with our three kids who had been in the office for an hour and a half). Quickly, the paralegal went through both packets and we re-signed form. Then we had to hang out in the area for a half hour to make sure they didn’t miss anything meaning we would have to go back and sign more forms. We took the kids to McDonald’s as a reward before going home to load the car up (because we had to take separate cars to the attorney’s office because of Jeff having to go into work). We ended up leaving for Charlotte over 2 hours AFTER our desired leave time. And that complicated matters because Jeff was helping with some of the food for the rehearsal dinner (something I’m glad he was able to help with but which we will NEVER take on again). And we had no idea where, exactly we were going and the YMCA we went to…is a converted mansion so you can guess how easy that was to recognize when you’ve become used to YMCAs looking a certain way…even our printed out directions and navigation did not work. Oh, and rush hour Charlotte traffic is the work of Satan. Spending an hour in stop and go traffic going two miles an hour in a 55 mph area…

We arrived and somehow Jeff pulled off the shrimp and grits despite the shrimp being frozen, no hot water and with a kitchen only a Coleman camp stove to work with. My extended family I couldn’t completely enjoy because I was solely responsible for my kids with Jeff being sequestered to the kitchen (and it being made abundantly clear to me that most people had other, more important obligations). I was incredibly thankful that my boys met my nine-year-old cousin and the three hit it off perfectly so my aunt and uncle by default were keeping an eye on them and when they couldn’t, my brother Matt’s girlfriend was there and jumped into action. Oh and that Shelby had her most amazing behavior on display and was content to sit and eat barbecue and plain grits and to wait in line for groom’s cake and eat that nicely. This is especially miraculous in that we were in a loud, crowded area and people she barely knows or hadn’t met  before were coming up to her and talking to her and often touching her (a few times she gave me a look of “that perfume ain’t working” and the like so that I could defuse the situation). So that was stressful (even moreso when various family members did not understand that I couldn’t completely carry on adult conversations and that I had to move quickly if a child moved and so might just run off mid-sentence). But we survived and went to the hotel. Which we found with much less stress than the YMCA.

The next morning we joined extended family for breakfast in the lobby of the hotel. This was, again, a stressful endeavor because many people were vying for our attention and it was simply impossible to give it to everyone plus feed my kids (Jeff was in bed getting some well-deserved rest). The boys and my cousin Daniel once again found each other. Shelby was again on best behavior despite hovering over her while she was eating. After breakfast we got into bathing suits and went to the pool. Both boys are little fish with their swimming and since Daniel knows some strokes, he encouraged their improvement. Shelby had lots of fun as well. Pool time got a little abruptly interrupted when my nephew had an unfortunate incident and we decided to go to lunch.

After lunch there was more pool time before I had to get ready for the wedding (as I was told that morning I’d be needed about an hour and a half early for pictures). I rode with my parents and grandparents to the wedding/reception site. We got there only to find out…we weren’t needed, at all, for pics til AFTER the wedding. So I called Jeff and coached him on how to get there with the kids.

I spent the time visiting with my grandparents and once Jeff arrived with the kids, Matt’s girlfriend and I found seats with the boys. Daniel joined Joseph. Jeff sat off to the side with Shelby. Once again, my kids proved they know how to behave. After many more bumps in the road, we eventually got home on Sunday.

I don’t think Jeff got the Father’s Day he wanted nor the one he deserved between the long time on the road AND the horrible experience we had at lunch on that ride home.

So, see, not everything is perfect, but so far, overall, much, much better than in years past. (Sorry for the lack of pics, I’m having a moment in regards to uploading).

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  1. See, that entire post looks to me like a reason to spit nails and have my head explode. So that tells me you just have a way better attitude than I do! 🙂

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