Boy, that escalated quickly…


Preach Ron.

I have been living the life of insanity since May 22. That was the day that we closed on our old house. Since then we’ve lived between our new house and my in-laws home, the kids have been car-riders at school, I’ve switched locations for my job and Jeff got offered and accepted his dream job.

Stress can barely describe what we’ve lived in the past month. And this weekend we head to the Charlotte area for my brothers’ wedding and next week we close on this house (we are basically renting it from the builder right now) and I officially start my new job.

We love our new home. People seem baffled about why we would choose to live in a town house after living in a detached home on a large lot for all these years. Well, we found that a neighborhood run HOA, while it has his charms, is not for us. We prefer a management company and the perks that come with the communites that have them. Like, for example, a pool within easy walking distance of our front door. We are also attached to a single home community, so we have safe streets for bike riding but the joy of sidewalks in front of our building. We enjoy having little to zero lawn maintainence. And after years of living “near” the beach, we basically live at the beach now. It’s a mere seven minutes with tons of FREE parking and bathhouses! Why didn’t we move here like 10 years ago?!

The boys have a larger room and their own bathroom in the new house. We’ve converted our walk-in closet into a room for Shelby. We have the best master bathroom we’ve ever had.

With our move we decided to make some clean starts. Everyone got new beds (including a king size for mom and dad…finally!). We got a new couch of the “cat-napper” variety (all three seats recline and have foot rests and the top cushion of the middle seat folds down into a cup holder…for mom and dad only).

The animals were not thrilled with the move initially but have adjusted beautifully. The cat is now exclusively indoor and the dog enjoys more long walks than before in addition to his small back yard.

We love the new beach we now frequent so much more than the beaches we used to go to. They are pumping sand right now which is a little bit of a bummer, but it happens everywhere, so it’s not like we aren’t used to it.

We’re still exploring the area and finding new favorites, but we have no regrets. And we can’t wait to see what’s next.