Easter and Spring Break Redux

Last Sunday, Easter Sunday, we made our way to Durham, NC to visit my parents and pick up my boys who spent from Good Friday night with them. Thanks to facebook, I was able to get pictures and updates of them…

Egg Coloring 2015 3 Egg Coloring 2015 4 Egg Coloring 2015 Egg Coloring 2105 2 Egg Hunt 1 Egg Hunt 2 Egg Hunt 3 Egg Hunt 4

As you can see fun was had by all. William went from not wanting to participate in his class egg hunt to having a blast at the hunt at my parents’ parish. His teacher convinced him to stay at school the day of the egg hunt by having a “sight word egg hunt” where the kids had to find the eggs with a certain sight word on them. Each child was guaranteed fourteen eggs! After that he was so excited for the egg hunt my parents took him to. They also very seriously colored eggs with my parents and my brother Matt.

Saturday night, my dad took them to the beginning of the Easter Vigil aka “The Fire.” My parents originally planned to take the boys to the entire vigil, but I think they thought better of it. My mother had to sing at the vigil so she stayed and my dad took the boys home. Then they went for a walk around the golf course where they saw a full moon. Here are some of the pics from that:

Joe and the moon Joe and Will and the moon Will and the moon

Yes, they are “holding the moon.” And between the egg hunt and walk, they both got hair cuts.

After dinner with my parents (ham, pork loin, cheesy potato and asparagus) we headed home. Jeff went back to school Monday morning but the kids were home for the week. We spent most of the days this week rotating from computer, books, wii, and backyard games. We also had to get the house ready to go on the market (which it does…tomorrow!) so lots of cleaning too. And I worked four hours every night!

By Friday, my nerves were razor thin because Thursday we had severe thunderstorms during the day and that meant everyone was inside and the dog was freaking the freak out. Thankfully, instead of trying to sit on all of us, he mostly stayed in the bathtub and “dug.” Joseph described the digging as being like Wall-E digging when the spaceship landed. We all got on each other’s nerves and when Jeff got home, I was never so ready to go into work.

Thankfully, Jeff was able to get off on Friday because the realtor was coming Friday evening to take pictures for the MLS listing. And while the house was clean, it was keeping it clean and all the little last minute “keep it perfect” things. And the boys were tired of each other, so it helped to have another parent to hand off some of the interventions to. Thankfully, everything went off with just a few minor hitches. Jeff got flowers in our beds to compliment our blooming azaleas and dogwood tree, we fixed a few nagging things and pictures happened.

Saturday I worked during the day while Jeff held down the fort. I came home to an intact house which was awesome.

The great things about this week were I got to spend a ton of time with my kids, William read to me the first non-school book ever, I got to exercise with Joseph several days, our house stayed pretty clean, and I was able to keep up my prayer schedule! Go me. And I worked a ton of hours.

Spring break is over for everyone in the house now. Tomorrow it is back to school and more regular work schedules for me. Also the house is officially back on the market tomorrow!!! So what better way to start this week off with Divine Mercy Sunday. So, here we go…