Baymax, Groot, Wreck-It Ralph and Jesus

Spoiler Alert: Major plot elements will be revealed about Big Hero Six, Guardians of the Galaxy and Wreck-It Ralph…and the Bible too…

About a week ago we rented Big Hero 6 from Redbox, Joseph had been dying to see it and it intrigued Jeff because it won an Academy Award and I thought it looked cool. At the beginning of the movie, to save his Professor, Hiro’s brother Tadashi runs into the burning building as everyone else is running away. He does not survive. At the end of the movie, to save Hiro and Abigail, Baymax must propel his fist with Hiro and Abigail toward the portal opening. But he cannot join them. I turned, at this point in the movie, to see William in tears. Not just sniffles, but full blown sobbing.

After the movie’s end (and much consolation of William), he Joseph and I had the following conversation:

Me: What did Baymax do that made you cry William?

William: He had to die to save Hiro and Abigail.

Joseph: That’s like Groot!

About two weeks before we had rented Guardians of the Galaxy which included the character of Groot, a walking tree who says only three words, “I am Groot.” Near the movie’s conclusion, Groot establishes roots and envelops the other guardians saying “We are Groot” to save them from certain destruction. Rocket heavily protests this saying, “Groot! You’ll die.” But Groot persists and saves his friends. I seized on Joseph’s connection!

Me: That’s right! Groot also sacrificed himself, can you think of anyone else who did that?

William (sniffling): Wreck-It Ralph was going to to save Vanellope but she saved him after he saved her.

Me: Goood. Can you think of a real person? A person who died? A person who died for you and me?

Both boys: JESUS!

Me: That’s right. And why did Jesus have to die?

Joseph: To save us. So our sins could be forgiven.

William: So we won’t have to die.

Boom. God will use anything, including movies, for His plan and purpose. We discussed how the acts of sacrifice were made in these movies out of love and that Jesus loves us more than all those characters loved the people they chose to save. And in talking, the boys pointed out how a sapling of Groot’s was able to be saved and that Baymax had clenched in his fist his health care chip so Hiro was able to rebuild him. We talked about how just as Jesus left his Apostles to continue His mission, these characters had left something behind so that they could continue. And how we today, are offshoots of the seeds Jesus planted in the Apostles over 2000 years ago. I had no idea I would get to use these characters to help teach about sacrificial love and the ultimate sacrifice Jesus would make for us, but I could easily see the Holy Spirit lining it up for me with these boys. I can have them memorize John 3:16, but now they can see it and understand it in a new way. And I am so thankful.


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  1. I really liked the character of Groot in the movie, not just because he sacrificed himself for the others but also because he was kind – like when he made a flower and gave it to the little girl. It iis always amazing when God plops those teachable moments right in our path!


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