When I became a bad-ass woman from history

I do all the stupid quizzes. Buzzfeed, Playbuzz…yeah, I’m all about which Disney prince I should marry and which Friends character I am.

Today I took a Playbuzz quiz entitled Which Badass Historical Woman Are You? Complete with pic of Rosie the Riveter. Okay, I’ll bite. I answered questions about my political leanings , my ideal career, what’s most important to me etc, etc. Then I finished and when I finished, I waited to see my results. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when it came up, “Susan B Anthony.”

Now, I put no credence in these “quizzes” but I must say I was honored. And then I read their description:

Perhaps the “B” in Susan B. Anthony should stand for BADASS because that’s exactly what she was! As a suffragist, abolitionist, author and president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, Anthony fought tirelessly to secure equal rights for American women, most notably the right to vote! She even voted illegally in the 1872 presidential election! Like Susan B. Anthony, you are focused and driven and refuse to settle for less than what you deserve. You have a voice that the world needs to hear and the best part is, you’re not afraid to take matters into your own hands and break the rules in order to do what’s right.

Really, nothing they said here was bad although we should respect the laws of the land. But when they list her as a suffragist, abolitionist, author and president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association, they leave out what she and I probably have most in common…pro-life feminist. But, you know, that’s totally NOT sexy. Therefore not badass enough.

According to the Susan B. Anthony list’s website on the suffragettes:

Courageous women leaders like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton recognized that authentic women’s rights could never be built upon the broken rights of innocent unborn children. They believed that abortion was just a tool of oppression used against women.

Today the Susan B. Anthony List honors their legacy by advancing the voice of pro-life women in our political process. Much to the chagrin of old guard feminists and abortion advocates, Susan B. Anthony’s brand of original, authentic pro-life feminism resonates with today’s increasingly pro-life America.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. I had no idea the day existed when I planned my wedding for that day. And when I see friends of liberal, pro-choice leanings post about it on facebook and twitter, conspicuously absent is any mention of Susan B. Anthony or Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Because, you know what…they are for protecting unborn women too. These friends of mine, by their omission, are acknowledging that they are not the rightful heirs to the mantle of Anthony or Stanton. Instead they cower behind the racism of Margaret Sanger and her ilk.

The saying is that “well behaved women never make history” and it’s probably true. Women who buck the system to ensure that future generations have a chance to live, love and make history, are the most unpopular at all. And they can’t be erased. Like a mustard stain, we keep rising up to the top. The Abby Johnsons, Jill Staneks, Lila Roses, Destiny Hernandezes and Kristen Hattens of our generation now…they will be remembered long after their time on this earth is over as controversial figures because they stood up for what was right, no matter how unpopular. Much like their historical “bad-ass” counterparts like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stay strong sisters, stand proud, We will make history as we continue to fight for the rights of the unborn. The thing that is missing from that description of myself as a bad-ass woman from history on Playbuzz? I won’t let it be missing from my life.