Meatless Recipes #1

So, this Lent, as our penance, we are becoming pescetarian. Essentially we will only eat fish and vegetables and fruits (and yes, some grains). We will allow eggs (as my children would starve otherwise and be totally protein deficient) and I will use butter and milk and cheese. This is a huge sacrifice for us as we have a weekly Taco Tuesday (and these kids won’t even eat chicken tacos…only beef!) and chicken nuggets are a staple. No matter, we persevere!

We open Ash Wednesday with tonight’s dinner (for Jeff and I, I’m under no illusions my kids will touch this recipe with a ten foot pole) with this Swiss Cheese Vegetable Bake a friend shared on facebook about a month ago. It does have cream and cheese in it, but we are omitting the bacon fat for vegetable oil (originally it is a low-carb diet). I’ll also only do half mushrooms since Jeff doesn’t eat them. At all.

I’m actually excited about this dietary change for us. I think it will be penitential because I’ll have to actually agonize over what’s for dinner rather than just default. Also, some days there will have to be alternates (for example, tonight Shelby will probably eat mac and cheese and the boys cheese pizza). I am hoping the kids will actually try some of the dishes we make. I even hope I can convert them to fish tacos!