No breaks, I just can’t get on my computer

The kids have been off school since Friday afternoon. They go back tomorrow. The end of their semester coincides with MLK Day so they get a four day weekend just two weeks after Christmas break.

And that means that mom doesn’t get much computer time for the four days they are off. One child has very important PBS kids viewing. The other two have very important Minecraft work to be done. For the moment, the two Minecraft children are busying themselves elsewhere and the one who enjoys PBS Kids videos? She’s busy watching Spongebob.

Last week was a cold, wet, and sometimes depressing January week. By contrast, this week has been sunny, warm and peaceful. Winter is my second favorite season after Autumn and I love cold weather and the bareness of the trees and all these sort of things. Seasonal Affective Disorder has never been in my cocktail of neuroses. But I guess it did play into my anxieties I was already drowning in last week. A huge load was dropped in my lap on top of other lingering issues and the weather wasn’t helping me at all. I’m a home body and love being indoors, but when I have no alternative, it stresses me out.

I did work a lot last week, but that, sadly did not help me much because it was unbearably slow because of the weather situation. And even my normal pick-me-up of planning hearty, warming home-cooked meals, failed me. Now, I’ve been battling a cold/sinus thing through all this and that definitely has not helped either.

But what has helped, is prayer. Both the prayer I have been doing and the prayers of others.

And today, I deactivated my facebook account temporarily (the personal one) because I realized I need to focus. Focus on God and my family and getting us back on track. We are readying our house to go back on the market in March and we have a lot of big decisions to make and I cannot be so terribly distracted by it at this exact moment in time. Blogging focuses me on the positive and on God. Obviously these breaks free me up more for writing but also for prayer, Scripture and all the little things I put to the side. Being two days back into school, obviously, I have the computer more to my disposal now and I intend to use it appropriately. I am not going to be perfect in this endeavor, but I do believe it will help me get closer to where I need to be.