Best Catholic Blogs You (Probably) Aren’t Reading (But you should be!)

I have a very small blog following. Pitifully small. But this isn’t a gripe. It’s quality people, not quanitity. However, some great blogs out there do deserve some attention and I’d be more than happy to be the one who brings them to light.

1. Where the Catholic Sun Doth Shine by Maggie Cheung

Maggie, of Mighty Maggie fame, keeps it real. And by keeping it real on her Catholic blog, she delves in where few of us publicly dare to go. Maggie doesn’t hide that she struggles with faith. She doesn’t hide that she has a big ol Evangelical side to her spirituality. And she bares her soul when she feels that she isn’t doing this whole “God-thing” right. Maggie may not be for everyone, but her candor is refreshing. She’s not interested in debating Pope Francis vs Benedict or Latin Mass or any of the other hot button issues. Nope, she’s talking about her struggles and I find myself nodding in agreement and saying, “Yup, me too!” quite a lot.

2. Fear Not Little Flock by Priest’s Wife

Yes, this is a Catholic blog. And yes, the woman who authors it is married to a Catholic priest. A Ruthenian-rite Catholic priest. Confused? Well, there are many rites in the Catholic Church that aren’t Roman. They aren’t all large and some are in lands far away. Priest’s Wife does a great job breaking down where Rome and the East meet, where they differ and the struggles of being a non-Roman rite Catholic both in the world and the US.

3. Our Beautiful Chaos by Lerin

Lerin was listed a few years ago as one of the most widely read Catholic blogs. Life happened and stuff happened and Lerin took a break from blogging with occasional appearances. But it’s 2015 now and she’s back!!!! And while her blog is now slightly more slice of life, she is better than ever! Check out what her awesome clan is up to.

4. A Slice of Smith Life by Tracy

Tracy, her husband, and five “cupcakes” are members at our parish. Tracy is a homeschooling mama who does have a following already, but I think a few more couldn’t hurt ;). Anyway, Tracy has some great ideas for liturgical feasts, like this one (because we all know how I am challenged with anything crafty)...a doughnut Rosary for the feast of the Immaculate Conception! I love crafty ideas shared that even the most challenged of us can do. She’s also given me some great ideas from her homeschooling notes that help so much with supplementing/enriching what the boys, especially, are doing at school.

5. Peace Garden Mama by Roxane Salonen

Roxane has tackled everything from her kids growing up, to losing a parent, to inter-Christian dialogue and beyond on her blog. I really appreciate her tone which is genuine and never condescending. And she’s never above admitting that she’s still learning too and everything isn’t all figured out yet. Her recent post on Pope Francis’ “All Dogs Go To heaven” pronouncement was classic in her staying true to church teaching but admitting, we don’t need to know all the answers.

6. Half a Dozen and More Productions by Maurisa

Maurisa is another home-schooling mama living in Utah, not exactly a bastion of Catholics living the good life and spreading the good news. Maurisa is an aspiring photographer and her pictures capture God’s beautiful creation in nature, family and more.

7. Betty Duffy by Elizabeth “Betty” Duffy

Not her Patheos blog. Unlike most Patheos bloggers who move their entire blog to the site, Betty maintains two. Her original writing space and a separate Patheos blog. When it was announced she was coming to Patheos, a lot of people just moved their readers over thinking she would be like everyone else. Let me say here: Betty Duffy is never like anyone else. Much like Maggie, she keeps it real. As in the faith struggles, the struggles about talking to her kids about sex (despite having written a chapter on it for a Catholic women’s book) and her past with Regnum Christi. Betty is honest and frank about her short-comings but is also a very lyrical writer. I find myself transported to her situation every time I read.

I realize this list is short on men–okay there are no men listed–, most of the men I read are already well known and have written books, columns and been on EWTN or Catholic TV. The ones I read who are not as well known don’t seem to be publishing much recently and while archives are always fun to peruse, I would prefer the content a bit more up to date to refer new readers there. I hope you’ll head over to any of these blogs you’re not familiar with and give them a whirl. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did!