Blogging more and more and more

Or something like that.

Anyway, Lerin at Our Beautiful Chaos is my dear friend (we were virtual pregnancy buddies with William and Lucy) whom I connected with via her blog and then friended on facebook. Lerin and I share so much in our May babies and having special little girls with autism spectrum disorder. Lerin has decided to move away from facebook by moving back to blogging and transferring most of her pictures etc to the blog from facebook.

We all know how I have this love-hate relationship with facebook, but it’s really not gotten to me much of late. I took an unannounced break for a couple of weeks in the beginning of Advent just because. And truth be told I miss it less and less when I get away. Or just have the window closed. I’m the last person you’ll find saying social media is the direct destruction of humanity or marriage or the family. People do all those things, social media is just another tool they use and trust me, they would find another way without facebook, twitter, instagram etc.

But lately,I’ve become more and more attracted to blogging again. Maybe it’s because blogging is now considered “dead” and the mega-bloggers are starting to fall off, except those awesome New Evangelizers. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel compelled to play a game mid-post so much anymore or check the feed mid-update. Maybe it’s because it’s my blog and I don’t have to necessarily see or read anything else here I don’t want to. Being the selfish girl I am, I’ll take that last one.

Blogging and social media are not part of my resolutions. And I’ve decided to not include them in my fasts either. Mostly because they end up being big fat fails, sometimes for very noble reasons: a friend in crisis, a family emergency etc, but also because they don’t feel like real sacrifices. I’m an introvert who gets drained by social interaction: real as much as virtual. I only do so well on social media because I can control what I get to see and hear (unfollow, delete and block, I do love you so) and can walk away without seeming rude. So there.

that's illegalTrying so hard not to let those grammatical errors bother me…anyway…

I don’t think of blogging as a community thing so much as a writing thing and that’s what I guess I need to be doing now. Especially with all my shepherding my creative minority stuff I got going on in 2015. So I won’t make any promises, resolutions or predictions that you’ll see me here more than usual, but if you do we can count it as a win.