Patron for 2015

So, 2014 I got the most amazing paton on my first go…St Jerome. Because of course God would give me the a saint who championed the study of scripture.

I decided to be pre-emptive in choosing my patron for 2015, by going to Jennifer Fulwiler’s Saint Name Generator before Christmas Day. So, here is my first result:

St. Damian

Feast: September 26

Patronage: Against Blindness; Against Hernias; Against Pestilence; Apothecaries; Barbers; Blind People; Chemical Manufacturers; Hairdressers; Hernia Patients; Midwives; Physicians; Pharmacists; Relief from Pestilence; Surgeons

That silence I’m hearing is me not understanding the Holy Spirit, because I prayed hard on this. God, I really don’t need or want to go blind, have a hernia or endure pestilence. I’m not a chemical manufacturer, hairdresser, midwife, doctor, pharmacist or surgeon. So I opened the tab to learn more. The moneyless, the silverless. Yep, sounds a lot like me. Tortured and beheaded? I hope…not so much.

However, something told me to go for 2.

St. Anthony the Abbot

Feast: January 17

Patronage: Against Skin Diseases; Amputees; Animals; Butchers; Domestic Animals; Epileptics; Graveyards; Hermits; Monks

Well, still hoping for no skin disease, amputation or epilepsy. Although I’d make an awesome hermit, but that’s obviously not what God had intended for me as I have three children with zero sense of boundaries or privacy. Read a little more and although I like the guy, not entirely sure about this one either.

Do I hear a call for 3?

St. Mary Magdalen of Pazzi

Feast: May 25

Patronage: Against Bodily Ills; Against Sexual Temptation; Sick People

Okay, I feel a little more connected here because I was baptized at St Magdalen’s church (in December 35 years ago…). But, I think God is trying to tell me that maybe 2015 isn’t going to be our healthiest year. Or maybe not my healthiest year. Or maybe we will be getting protection from these things?

Seriously, I’m not complaining, but I had to try just one more time.

St. Martin of Tours

Feast: November 11

Patronage: Against Alcoholism; Against Poverty; Beggars; Equestrians; Hotel-Keepers; Reformed Alcoholics; Soldiers; Tailors; Wine Makers

Stop laughing. His feast day is my parents’ wedding anniversary, he was Jennifer Fulwiler’s patron for 2014. Against poverty, always a good thing. Wine makers…so I won’t be running out of wine. In the event I have any of the things my other patrons are going to protect me from, I’ll need wine.

Finally, I can’t end on an odd number SOOOOOO….

St. Peter the Apostle

Feast: June 29

Patronage: Against Feet Problems; Against Fever; Bakers; Bridge Builders; Butchers; Fishermen; Locksmiths; Longevity; Masons; Papacy; Ship Builders; Watch Makers

BOOM! YES!!! After Jesus, my favorite person in the Bible. What did Jesus tell Peter, in the Gospel of John? “Feed my sheep.” And with my nudge toward being a catechist as well as educating my own children more in Catechism. YES, HOLY SPIRIT, YES!!! Oh, and I developed plantar fascitis this past year in addition to my achilles tendon issue, so against feet problems, right up my alley. Longevity, that sounds like a winner too. Bakers, hmmm. I like baked goods, meat and fish. Kind of hoping I don’t get locked out of or in anything that I may need a locksmith but you know… And of course, this would be my five for five on Pope Francis’ 78th birthday. I am hoping to have at least half his health and energy at that age.

So I’m keeping them, all of them. Yes, I have five patrons for 2015 (which also ends in a five). But I’m keeping St Peter as my main patron. So, St Peter, St Mary Magdalen, St Martin of Tours, St Anthony the Abbott, and St Damian, pray for all of us, but especially for me.