Thursday of the Second Week of Advent Gratitude Challenge

87. A child who will tolerate medicated eye drops

88. A boss who is understanding when my kids are sick…even though she doesn’t have to be

89. A friend who is in sync spiritually right now

90. A teacher who cares enough to write a note about my child’s health

91. The Blessed is She South Region Group on facebook

92. Breathing treatments and nebulizers and inhalers

93. Father Barron’s reflection for today

94. A child who loves pasta

95. All my mid-season show finales (but how will I wait til January to find out what happens next?!)

96. A caring bus driver for my kids

97. Great blogs to read for inspiration and encouragement

98. Friends who just “get it” when I need someone like that

99. Extra jobs for my husband

100. Blogging more!