Saturday of the First Week of Advent Gratitude Challenge

45. Weekend hours at our wonderful pediatrician’s office

46. Fun date night movie with husband

47. Early Christmas present on St Nicholas’ feast day for the boys

48. Yummy lunch dates with my favorite husband, daughter and sons

49. Mastinering the art of radio silence

50 . (related) mastering the art of listening

51. Embracing the challenges of charity that God has put before me

52. 25% off meat sales!

53. Foggy drives with my big boy this morning

54. my fuel rewards (filled my tank for less than $25.00, yes BIG thank you Jesus)

55. Clementines and Grapefruits

56. Seeing two of my favorite people in a movie on our “date night” tonight (Hi Kathy and Christi!)

57. Embracing the various love languages of my family

58. my growing to bursting prayer life

How can you close out the first week of Advent in gratitude?