Wednesday of the First Week of Advent Gratitude Challenge

23. This song…and especially this version

never fails to make me smile, and sometimes feel super nostalgic and a little teary

24. While we’re on the topic of Johnny Cash, this list from Haley of songs for Advent, which includes “When the Man Comes Around”. And that sneaky Holy Spirit, while I was loading that link, that song came on in my iTunes. Perfect song for Advent, looking forward to when the Son of Man is born, the Second Coming and when each of us comes around to Him.

25. Advent at Ephesus by the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles. I got the recommendation from the Curt Jester on twitter

and found it on iTunes and downloaded. Beautiful Advent music to quiet the soul and contemplate!

26. Two major successes for Shelby in 2 days!

27. Crafty kids (for the un-crafty mom)

28. The tradition and beauty of The Divine Office

29. When the hold of something unhealthy is broken

30. Arugula

What are you thankful for? How have you been blessed?