A Crafty Advent Wreath for an un-Crafty Mom

So, I had this kind of delusional awesome idea for an Advent Wreath. Traditional doesn’t work so great for us because Shelby. Shelby likes to break candles, refuses to allow them to remain lit more than 5 seconds and is allergic to real Christmas trees. So that means, no candles and no real greenery.

In the past we’ve had an Advent tree. Autism-proof but not dog proof. Our dog uses the lower branches to scratch his back. So, um, yeah.

So, out of nowhere, I got this idea. For an Advent wreath. That my boys and I could create. Nevermind the fact that I am zero crafty and therefore avoid pinterest except for inspirational quotes and recipes. Nevermind the fact that these things just never work out for me. Nevermind all that.I was going to have my Advent wreath.

I really lucked out that I have two boys who love gaming, imaginative play, the outdoors and arts and crafts. They both adore art projects, particularly William, and so I knew it would be a super easy sell for them.

I also really lucked out that one of my boys is super into faith. That would be Joseph. Moreso at his age than William. A few weeks ago at liturgical training he learned about the colors of Advent and the importance of preparing for Jesus’ birth during Advent. So, of course, he wanted a wreath.

So, I came up with a crafty idea that even I could pull off, that the kids could assist with and that we could enjoy minus real candles, real greenery and real fire.

I give you: the Crafty Advent Wreath for an un-Crafty Mom:

IMG_1526 IMG_1527

So, all you need are small children who like crafts and have hands, poster board, scissors, construction paper (a few hands traced and cut out by the awesome exceptional children’s program at your child’s school are also helpful), a glue stick and markers.

Shelby’s hands are the not-green ones with the exception of the blue one at the top which is Joseph’s. The green are a mix of Joseph’s and William’s. We traced and cut out. Shelby’s were originally made for a Thanksgiving craft at school so there are words written on them of things she is thankful for. I cut out the “candles” and wrote on each one the traditional “meaning” associated with it: hope, faith, joy, peace. And in the center is the Christ candle. We “lit” the first candle and I added Bible verses around the candles. Around the first two candles are the Messianic prophecies from the Old Testament (well, some of them) Isaiah 11:1-3, Isaiah 40: 3-5, Isaiah 7:14,  Micah 5:2, and Isaiah 9:5. Around the “rose” candle are the words of Gabriel to Mary from Luke 1:31-33. Around the final candle are Gabriel’s words to Joseph from Matthew 1:21-33. Below the wreath are the angel’s words to the Shepherds from Luke 2:10-11. And on the Christ candle are the song of glory and praise to God the angels sang in front of the shepherds from Luke 2:13-14. The hardest thing of all of this was writing the Bible verses and making them fit. I hung it with painter’s tape on our kitchen wall where we can see it during dinner. Tonight we will bless it. A few days late, but better late than never, right?!

So, there you have it. With supplies found in your own home or easily and inexpensively found at your local big box, drug store or grocery store. Painfully easy and deceptively cool. Trust me, if my family can do it, ANYONE can.