Monday of First Week of Advent Gratitude Challenge

6. Carrie Underwood’s witness. Have you heard this song???

Yes, thank you Carrie for sharing with all of us!

7. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Because, well, it is a pile of laughs every week and the characters are awesome. It is by far one of my favorite half hours of my week.

8. Leftovers

When one meal becomes three, well, that’s a beautiful money-saving and time-saving thing. They are delicious time and time again.

9. My husband’s handiness

He has fixed our refrigerator twice in the last year. AND our dishwasher. And he’s removed all our wall paper and re-painted the entire interior of the house. Up in the new year…we replace floors. Yes, he also cooks and cleans. I am truly blessed.

10. My kids’ teachers

They have each been blessed with teacher who are dedicated to their success and who are perfectly matched personality wise. I could not have hand picked better teachers.

11. The few minutes in the morning I lie in bed before I hear all my kids are awake and waiting for me to get up first

I don’t know why but it is something I am incredibly grateful for.

12. That Jeff and I are happy each having our own comforters

There are a lot of things we are great with sharing. Like our bed. But our bedding? Totally different story!

13. An awesome boss who looks out for her employees

Her generosity is amazing as is her compassion. She is a total stickler for policy but can do it in the best way.

14. Satellite radio in my car

Which I inherited from my father-in-law who had the car before I did. Currently tuned into The Highway on Sirius XM channel 56 but I have some kind of awesome alternatives to listen to if I need/want them

15. that each of my boys is a perfect mix of their parents

William looks just like me but is just like his Dad. Joseph looks like Jeff spit him out but is crazy, scary like me.

What are you grateful for today?