Bringing Some Thankful to this Party

Okay, I realize that my last post may have come off kinda “bah humbug” or just plain downer.

Not my intent.

But conceding to some of my readers who may feel that way, I will give you this: let’s be thankful this Advent too.

Wait, what?! Thanksgiving was Thursday. Okie dokie, those who remember this rant post are going to be all, “but Kristen, we know you already said we need/have to be thankful always.” But you know what, if you want a truly contemplative Advent, you are going to HAVE TO contemplate your blessings, most of which none of us deserve. And that should lead us to praise and thanksgiving.

I know a lot of people are not fans of Ann Voskamp or her book One Thousand Gifts, but that book was pivotal in my life as far as helping me to acknowledge the thanks I must give daily and regardless is still a poor excuse for true gratitude but moves me closer toward sainthood.

So anyway, it got me thinking, should I do here what people spend the month of November doing on facebook listing things they are thankful for daily? Like for all of Advent and Christmas? The answer, yes, let’s do it, shall we. Let me share with you some of the beautiful blessings God has bestowed me with in spite of my sinful nature and my inability to properly give thanks in the first place. So, you know, here goes:

First Sunday of Advent Gratitude Challenge.

1. For his little smiles and absolutely adorable self.


I took this this past Tuesday at his class holiday celebration. The kids were all dressed as braves in t-shirts their teacher dyed and drew designs each child selected. They also decorated their own head-dresses and wampum bags.

2. That sensory needs make her look like she’s related to Randy from A Christmas Story.


She’s not fat, there’s eight shirts and a jacket on underneath that winter coat. I’m not even kidding. No, she couldn’t really put her arms down more than that.

3. How much this kid loves to take advantage of great weather when we get it.


Yes, that’s our backyard and it was an unseasonably warm day today.

4. I’m not gonna have pics for all of these and this is one that I don’t have one for: the sleep I got Thanksgiving night. I worked on Black Friday, but working grocery is not the same at all as working retail. I have never and will never shop Thanksgiving Day and/or Black Friday for many reasons but one is: I cannot get a better deal than the sleep I get aided by tryptophan on Thanksgiving night.

5. Pie. because PIE!!!! But seriously, I am definitely going to visit this place before I kick and eat my weight in pie.

So, there you go…and five is not a fast and hard number, I might have only one somedays, and it’s possibly I have 100…we’ll see.