In which I offend pretty much everyone…

So, I wrote this facebook status based on a friend’s status. The friend said everyone’s homes looked beautiful decorated but can we please say thanks and remember the reason for the “season” and every day BEFORE we get lost in the commercialization of the season, or risk getting lost.

What she got in response, was heated defenses of why people’s homes were already decorated and trees were up. Oh, AND to point out how they were thankful everyday and didn’t need some holiday to prove it SO THERE! Oh and in case she didn’t know CHRISTMAS TRIUMPHS (sic) THANKSGIVING!!!! (I’m pretty sure that person meant trumps but it’s someone I didn’t know, so who knows.)

I posted in my status was that the point was not to offend or call anyone in particular out but to just remind everyone to not let commercialism take over the real meaning of Christmas. Predictably, I got a lot of explanations as to why people have already decorated. Only one of the decorators bothered to mention Jesus in her response. And she more was commenting on why her work place was decorated, not her home so much.


People. I don’t give a rat’s butt when you decorate your home or why that “works better” for you. What I want people to understand is that if you are a Christian, you need to make sure the reason you’re celebrating is Jesus. And you’re not going to get caught up in being the first one on the block decorating for Christmas nor making sure your child has every single hot gift.

The only way you can be offended by the idea of guarding your heart and/or mind is if you know you are guilty of giving into mindless consumerism. I’m not going to name names because it isn’t directed toward any one person. It’s directed to EVERY person. All of us. Should we all feel convicted? Yes. Should we all be defensive, not necessarily. And I’m not saying don’t decorate, don’t listen to Christmas carols or don’t watch those movies. I’m saying don’t let it lead down a road to being caught up in what the fallen world says Christmas is, keep your eyes on the real prize, the birth of Christ.