Survival Mode

That’s what I’m calling life around here. I’m battling a cold, my boys both woke up sick at 1 AM on Friday, one ended up with a double ear infection, the other strep throat. By some miracle, everyone is taking their antibiotics (well, the boys) and I’m hopefully on the mend.

We made it through Halloween. I ended up closing the house up and trick-or-treating with all three kids by myself. Jeff called me around 6 to let me know, he was just over an hour away from our house. That was no bueno. So I took 3 kids out at 7 and we hit about three streets. The kids had plenty, the temperature was dropping and William was getting whiny. So we struck out for home.

It was Shelby’s first Halloween trick-or-treating. She did great. She loved getting candy, of course. Thankfully we only got close enough to one jack-o-lantern where she could blow it out. She didn’t, but she tried. It was, of course this jack-o-lantern. Thankfully, these are wonderful neighbors we know well and who know and love Shelby who were totally sweet about it.

I also managed a field trip with Shelby’s class, it was for Special Olympics Bowling. On Halloween. Her class did great. Shelby won her team’s game and bowled 2 spares. She scored a 90! That same day I raced back to the school for William’s Letterland Parade. Letterland is a phonics and reading program first adopted by our school and now used county-wide. Last year Joseph was Oscar Orange, but since William saw that performance he would talk about only one character he wanted to be: Clever Cat.


And by some miracle, every other child’s face in that pic is blurry. He was adorable. The other two Clever Cats were girls, but that was fine with him!

Last Tuesday was election day but Thank God for early voting. I voted the week before because the kids were off school for election day and yeah, them coming with me? Not gonna happen. I literally held my nose when I voted for Senate. My state gets what it deserves for allowing the political parties to choose our candidates.God help us.

With my cold, it’s been a rough couple of weeks, but with lots of tea, rest, soup, neti pot treatments, country music, and snuggle time, it’s been manageable. It’s not the break-neck speed we’re used to, but it’s been okay.