Seven Quick Takes Friday—while waiting for the bus

— 1 —

Last weekend we traveled to Isle of Palms, SC for my brother-in-law’s wedding. Jeff was in the wedding party. The kids didn’t make it to the reception without multiple meltdowns, but hey, they’re kids and it was okay. Want to share a couple of pics, first of my husband to show how nice he cleans up:


And the bride and groom. My kids were most excited to call her “Aunt Sarah” after the wedding.


— 2 —

Also last weekend I turned 35. They tell me that’s a milestone birthday, but I’m not sure how or why. I’ve been able to drink, smoke and drive ¬†(although I don’t do the second one at all and never mix the first and third) for a while now. I’m sure it’s a greeting card thing. Someone actually asked me do I feel different (like you’d as a kid). That’s an unqualified no.

— 3 —

So, for a post on weddings and vows and being prepared for the rough times, I came across my new favorite Christian artist(s), Chelsea Moon and The Franz Brothers. This was the song I used for that post:

and then I found this one which is one of the BSF children’s program songs for the study of Moses and I love it:

I love accidentally finding artists simply by googling for videos of “How Firm a Foundation hymn”

— 4 —

Well, it could only last so long, one child just told me another child kicked him in the stomach. We haven’t even made it to the bus stop yet. Really?

— 5 —

I have picky palates in this house. Shelby’s is more born out of sensory issues she can’t control, but she’s probably my best eater of all three. Joseph has gotten better about the whole “no thank you bite” thing. So at least he tries. William is stubborn and undeniably my child. His list of fruits eaten is: bananas, sometimes. And vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower and green beans. If he could live on meat and rice, he totally would. So, I was shocked when he tried, and liked, two new flavored muffins: peach and wait for it, pumpkin. Could his little palate be expanding? I won’t hold my breath that he’ll eat pumpkin pie, but maybe I can sneak some puree into pancake batter and up that vegetable count to 4.

— 6 —

I hesitate to repeat what I’ve said (twice!) before this time seems a little more certain: fall is finally here.

— 7 —

Okay—seven minutes til bus stop time, so we’re on the way! Have a great weekend.

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