Things Making Me Inexplicably Happy Right Now

We’ll start with Celia’s Hot Wraps. Well, the hot wrap with Texas Pete. Wraps/Tortillas have been a comfort food fave for a while for me and these are new ones I just tried. They tie 100% whole wheat as my favorites now. I have done cheese and avocado quesadillas and chicken strip wraps with them and they are really delicious. And I’ve been getting them on sale, so double score!

The new tv season. I am really excited with the first episode of The Mindy Project in the books and upcoming premiers of Reign and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And I’m going to give Gotham a try tomorrow. If I don’t like it, I’ve only wasted one episode. Castle, The Blacklist, and Parks and Rec should be awesome too. I’m sad about Parks and Rec‘s last season, but I’m also a little nervous about how they’ll handle it and the time jump (because Amy Poehler didn’t want to work with one infant, nevermind three, and I’m not completely in disagreement about that decision). I’m sure it’ll be fine, but you know, I have to worry about it for some reason.

The radio. Doesn’t that sound silly right after tv, but no, it’s the truth. My car has satellite radio in it courtesy of my father-in-law which is set to the 80s station but I don’t do all 80s all the time and satellite radio doesn’t have local traffic and weather. So, I have programmed in: KLove, our local Catholic Relevant Radio station, NPR news, NPR Classical music and Port City Radio (local news and talk). I love KLove and Relevant Radio for uplifting and informative programming. And KLove has excellent music. I listen to both online as well. Now for the NPR, our local station has long been a mish-mash of talk, local programming, and mostly classical music with some jazz and blues thrown in. Well, last Wednesday, they split into two stations. The new stations now features the BBC news hour (which I loved listening to on Friday after the Scotland referendum vote), Diane Rehm in real time, a local state-wide show. The evenings are playing jazz and there is some local programming music on weekends but they’ve added some other great talk programming like America’s Test Kitchen and People’s Pharmacy. And the classical music is a great alternative when my kids are KLove-d out (I don’t believe it’s a thing, but my Joseph suggests otherwise and maybe there is such a thing as too much of a good thing) and it’s so beneficial for developing brains. Port City Radio I listen to occasionally when I really can’t get into much else. I think I’m gonna program my other FM stations to all country.

Twitter. I don’t know why, but lately it’s a source of happiness and positivity for me.

Our new parish. No, really. I loved our old parish but I LURVE this one. Joseph had his first faith formation class and he is like a little sponge. Love his teacher this year as much as his teachers last year (who we miss!!!) and adore our director of faith formation for 1-5. She is so sweet and will be Shelby and William’s teacher but she also is just awesome with all the kids and parents. We had a parent meeting and she is so enthusiastic and got me to volunteer to be a catechist if she decides to split the first grade class at Joseph’s time. No guilt at all, she said she may need one and asked us to pray on it. She even said to us that all suggestions are prayed on which filled me with such joy to hear. So often these days I see decisions made in parishes that are legalistic or business oriented with no thought to possible benefits beside financial gain or the much maligned “clericalism.” One of the heavy criticisms of our new parish in a recent survey was it was being run like a business and the new priest (Shelby’s beloved Godfather) has said that he was going to make this a church not a business. I also was happy to hear the religious education ministry is actively seeking out volunteers. Many parishes the size of ours tend to have very established ministries where newcomers aren’t always welcome, and I’m sure there is a fair share of this going on but it was great to see one ministry wasn’t so already. Mass has been so joy-filled with the boys here. They have really enjoyed the antiphons being sung at the beginning of mass and last week we had a Scola with lots of chant. And Shelby and her Godfather usually share a few minutes together in the vestibule before mass. Can we say #blessed?

Blessed Is She. I have long been reading the daily readings as often as I possibly can and to have the beautiful perspectives in my inbox is a gift straight from the Spirit. They rejuvenate me so much and I frequently am sharing on the facebook blog page.

Bible Study Fellowship. We’ve been back for two weeks and I cannot believe how much I missed it over the summer. Summer was full but this was definitely missing. My new small group is wonderful and faith filled and my new leader is so inspiring to me and kind. She is excited to hear all our insights and encourage open sharing and transparency. One of my goals was to really find the connections of the Old Testatment to the New and wow is that happening in this year’s Study of the Life of Moses. I am also so thankful that last year’s study was the study of Matthew as we are in Cycle A for this year and so many of the lessons I studied over the last year are so re-inforced in church teaching! Like Scott and Kimberly Hahn advocate and my patron for 2014, St Jerome as well, knowledge of the Bible really opens up the mass in new and beautiful ways.

DeAngelo Williams. I’m not a Carolina Panthers fan despite living here for the franchise’s entire history but I am a huge fan of this running back. He is a sweet guy who is totally genuine and a hard worker. He spends his time on social media not bragging about partying or with sexually charged posts but with updates of his sweet daughter and how much he loves her, info on his community events so fans can come out and support causes close to him, his love of his late mother whom he lost to breast cancer, funny things he sees and most recently, his accurate criticism of the league’s handling of the recent controversies and Roger Goodell’s press conference.

What does everyone think of our commish now? He also found out that those lights that brightens a room can also burn you! #ididntseetheelevatortape
It’s men like DeAngelo Williams who will save this league.
Tomorrow is Monday which means kids go back to school. And the choir said, “Amen!”