Happy Birthday Joseph!

Seven years ago this morning at 4:09 AM, I became a mom of boys. Or one at the time. After we got over the shock of a blond hair, blue-eyed pale child (okay, so we’re still not over the shock not.at.all.) we had to figure out a name for the little guy. This is how it went, at 16 weeks, I had an ultrasound that said I was having a boy. And we thought of names but Jeff was reluctant to agree to anything. By the time we got into the OR, we had it narrowed down to six. Eight hours after he was born, Jeff agreed to my choice of Joseph Patrick. Joseph meaning, “God will give another son” and we were thrilled to have a second child, and, wouldn’t you know, we did get another son 20 months later. Patrick meaning, “noble.” And out little guy well, he has noble intentions!

Seven years. Hard to believe, he’s a first grader now. He can read now. He solves for “x” in math. He has permanent teeth.

Because Joseph’s birthday falls early in the school year, we typically haven’t had school parties, and he’s okay with that. For this year we gave him a weekend of birthday and filled it with fun.

On Friday I downloaded one of his gifts, Minecraft to the iPad (which subsequently the cord died on…so we gotta replace that). They got to play that after school.

Saturday he got to play more Minecraft until my parents got here. They came for the afternoon/evening and got him Skylanders Swapforce. After mass we all went to Red Robin where Joseph got a sundae for his birthday and a special recognition.

This morning we let Joseph sleep in. The other kids got up and ate and eventually Joseph did get up and requested to open presents first. He got from us a Spiderman bag full of goodies. He got a Toothless plush dragon from How To Train Your Dragon he requested and a Skylanders water bottle he wanted. Since he got (along with Minecraft) everything he asked for from us I decided to fill the bag up with other goodies he would like. He got candy corn and pumpkins, pumpkin marshmallows, Cocoa Puffs (his favorite sugar cereal–we don’t eat sugar cereal unless it’s a special occasion), hot cocoa (he loves that his birthday coincides with the beginning of the fall and colder weather), a cool Halloween cup, and some fun candy. Jeff also found a larger size Mario figure that he knew Joseph would love.

This afternoon Jeff took both boys to the bowling alley per Joseph’s request. They bowled a great game where Joseph bowled a 94 and then they played video games.

Jeff’s dad and step-mom came over for dinner. They brought Pizza Hut as it’s Joseph’s favorite. From them he got a gift card to Gamestop and a family membership to the NC Zoo which also includes all three state aquariums and 1/2 price admission to a huge planetarium in Chapel Hill and a few other science centers/museums in our state and in other states there are reciprocal memberships. We’ve wanted to go the zoo for a while. And now they have a litter of lion cubs who just went on display full time. Our local aquarium also recently got a bald eagle who will be there permanently as he was injured and not able to be fully rehabilitated into the wild. There is also an aquarium at the beach we vacation at in the summer. I really look forward to using this pass and Joseph has been studying the zoo map intently!

We had cake, which Jeff made. Here it is:


We had these figures ahead of time except the mushroom and Mario, which were Joseph’s presents he opened today. His Mario was too heavy to sit on the cake, but we loved making the cake ourselves and had fun with the idea. And it was delicious and Joseph really enjoyed it.

I cannot wait to see what this new year with our oldest boy has in store. If the first day is any indication, we have a lot of great stuff to look forward to!