This day…

On the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows, we had progress reports come home from school.

Shelby is either making progress or satisfactory in all her goals. None say additional time needed which is great. It would be fine if she did, but good to know she’s making steady progress and/or achieving her goals.

Joseph’s teacher said he’s doing great. His reading testing shows him at or above grade level in all areas. He still struggles with some mirror writing which was noticed. Also he stubbornly does not always capitalize the first letter in a sentence, but those are small and very attainable things.

William recognizes 18 out of 26 capital letters and 16 out of 16 lower case letters which is great considering he’s had no formal schooling til four weeks ago. He also can identify all the numbers from 0 to 10 and is counting to 14. It is hard because Joseph was so much further ahead at the same point in kindergarten but William is not Joseph and he didn’t have the extra year of maturity nor the pre-K to back it up. Overall, I’m happy but I’m in slight dread of the parent teacher conference in 2 weeks when we’ll go over his reading tests. I know it’s not an indictment of me or of him, I know he won’t be top of his class like Joseph was but will be somewhere in the middle, it’s just an adjustment. William is intelligent and he’ll get it.

I can’t imagine being told while I held any of my tiny sweet babies that a sword would also pierce my heart. To say nothing of seeing one hanging on a cross. I constantly remind myself that my mothering trials are nothing compared to the Blessed Mother and what she endured in her just over 3 decades of motherhood. But it is far to tempting for me to trivialize the very serious mothering issues I encounter. The challenge is to unite my suffering to hers and then offer it up for the mothers whose children are beheaded and for those who are sitting in cancer wards hearing unthinkable news. And those who’ve prepared themselves to lose their children so many times.

Yes, relatively speaking, I’ve got it easy. Even with autism, it’s far easier than a lot of mothers. But it doesn’t negate those struggles are in fact struggles and they can be used to draw myself closer to Christ through his Blessed Mother and can be used for the betterment of all mothers.