Oh yeah, I had stuff to do…

One week from today my six-year-old will become a seven-year-old. So, I kinda got distracted from bloggy-blogging prepping for his birthday.

Prepping for a seven-year-old’s birthday who isn’t having a real “party” is way more involved than it sounds. I promise you. First of all, I have to nail said almost-seven-year-old’s preferences down. What kind of cake; what kind of cake decorations; what he really, actually wants…you get the idea.

In addition last week was the start of Bible Study Fellowship for me and Faith Formation for that boy. I made it to BSF, he didn’t make it to FF because right after I got everyone off the bus and into the house, I had a massive allergy attack. Think sneezing uncontrollably, coughing like I’m hacking up a furball, with swollen oozy eyes. Thank you, ragweed. When your five-year-old gets you a tissue and some water and your almost-seven-year-old is guiding you to the couch while telling his sister to go into your bedroom and he’ll start her movie for her in a minute, you sit there and wonder, what has become of this crazy life that your very young children can handle it all in a moment like this.

And we’re now into full-fledged homework every afternoon for both boys. Joseph breezes through math then dawdles on spelling. William is generally reluctant to start anything at all, then suddenly does all his work. And I still have to mediate Shelby’s ever changing desires and needs and make dinner.

But, you’re saying, Kristen, really, you aren’t doing homeshowings anymore, it shouldn’t be THAT crazy! Oh, but it is, because I’m working 4-5 days per week so all my cleaning et al also has to be crammed in between school getting out and dinner time which is swiftly followed by bath time, reading time and bed time.

Oh and every few days I have to defrost our freezer because it’s 11 years old and ornery and we have to wait til October’s check from Jeff to order the parts we need to replace. Which we will do ourselves because…

And if that’s not enough on our plates, we’ve started taking down all our wallpaper in the house because after the carpet, everyone hated that we even had one inch of wallpaper anywhere in our home. So, we have our entire kitchen to de-paper and paint then finish the second bath and eventually do the master bath (aka my bathroom) which is all we have but buyers hate wallpaper.

Last week at work, I got the most hours I have ever gotten at this job. Ever. And since that was awesome, I’ve gotten all Joseph’s birthday presents (with the exception of one that Jeff will get on his way home from work one day this week). I’ve gotten lots of fun stuff for the kids, and I bought a bottle of wine because stress.

And because our lives have to have some semblance of organization, we have plans with both grandparents for the birthday weekend (only Mimi we won’t see because we have to go to her and unfortunately, our travel budget is maxed out for the month ;(  ). And we have plans sans grandparents. I swear this is one lucky, loved little boy!

So, now I’ve bored you to death, but I hope you get why blogging’s been…well…light.