How and Why I abandoned the Whole30 on Day 8

So, on Friday, I mentioned how it was going on Whole30. Then, I ended it.

I found out in 8 days that I do not have an intolerance to grain, dairy, sugar, soy, MSG or anything else. I just eat way too much of a lot of crap. So, no reason to continue a very restrictive diet that offers cures of these.

I did lose six pounds in eight days, but I lost seven doing nothing. And by doing nothing it means unconciously not snacking. 

I was feeling hungry constantly and running out of approved foods quickly. 

I didn’t have the budget to make myself one set of meals and the family another set. 

I don’t believe that all grains and dairy are bad all the time.

You can’t weigh yourself and if your weight loss is not as readily noticable, you quickly begin to run out of steam. Even if you *know* it’s “good for you,” if you’re lacking motivation, you lose interest.

But I did learn some important lessons in eight days that I believe will contribute to continued weight loss and better living.

No fake sweeteners. No sucralose, no aspartame, no xylitol. But watch sugar consumption. We have a new rule of only one dessert per week. Last night Joseph, William and I shared a single slice of cinnamon carrot cake (hey I got William to eat raisins and carrots this way!). I’ve had to break the no artificials rule today and drink a diet soda because I needed the caffeine for an allergy induced migraine (hello, ragweed).

DRINK WATER!!! I drink unsweetened hot tea in the mornings for some caffeine, but I drink only water for the most part otherwise. Water is still probably my least favorite drink, but I drink it constantly now. So, there you go.

Focus on whole foods, but don’t worry if you occasionally have noodles or a slice of bread. Our dinners have been, for Jeff and I, a protein and veggies. I have eschewed butter for the most part on my veggies, but it is awesome to eat some good food. Tonight Jeff and I ate pork chops (the kids were all fried, ours were grilled). We did have some broccoli cheese rice but not in huge portions and green beans. I also found some great paleo/whole30 recipes that we will eat in the future. Jeff did make me an awesome paleo dairy free tomato soup that I loves!

Be concious of what you’re eating. I was in shock that sugar is in almost ALL bacon! I did find a brand that does not have sugar at my local grocers (after throwing my hands up in the air early on) that is not the most expensive so we will eat bacon. But it’s amazing what food companies will sneak into foods. Be on your guard! 

Weigh yourself if you want to, but don’t beat yourself up. Birthdays happen. Weddings happen. As long as they don’t happen too often: emotional eating will happen. But you do need a bench mark and if you need it for motivation, use it. Don’t let a program tell you otherwise. It’s not the number on the scale, it’s how much “weight” we do or don’t put on that number. If we overemphasize that and make an idol of our bodies that way, that’s wrong. But if we neglect to figure it into our overall health together, that’s negligent of our “temples” and that’s wrong too. I get that the program is not supposed to be used for weight loss but for overall health, but for those of us out there like me (and others in the group also proclaimed the same lack of overall issues)…it is very easy to lose patience and/or motivation.

If the goal is overall health, it’s okay to make your own plan! As long as you can stick to it. I’ve re-added some exercise in and I feel great. Aside from the stomach virus I am blaming my husband for (four out of five of us have it and he was first!) and the very real ragweed allergies (which I have been told by many friends is not real, it is really a food allergy…nope, in my case it’s the real-deal…and for my kiddos too, all 3 of them!) I’ve had a good week or so and I’m excited to eat healthier. Like I told Jeff, although I’m no longer Whole30 compliant, I’m also not going back to the old shove ALL the food in my face ALL the time way of eating I was taking part in before. 

Welcome to healthy lifestyle-land stop and stay a while.